Things Your Dance Partner Doesn’t Tell You

For those of us who love to dance, we know that finding a dance partner is a blessing. I have listed some things below that maybe hard to talk about with your partner. These are Things Your Partner Doesn’t Tell You. Keeping positive and being kind to one another will make the relationship and the dance partnership…

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Tips For Destination Wedding Dance

First Quarter 2016 Wedding Trends Image - 2

This winter here in Chicago, all we can think about is our next sunny tropical vacation. Many couples are taking their weddings out-of-state to a tropical destination or international resort. Not all destination weddings take place in warm weather, but vacation weddings are still on the rise and continue to be a trend for 2017. The…

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3 Questions About Dance Lessons

Image stephanie-hish-dip-michigan-ave - 3 Questions About Dance Lessons

Have you been thinking about taking dance lessons to prepare for your upcoming wedding? Some of our clients prepare months in advance. As we move into engagement season we find ourselves helping clients make decisions about their first dance before they ever make it into the dance studio. It’s very common for us to hear these…

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2016 Fall Engagement Season

Image of Windy City Wedding Dance Home Page above the fold

2016 Fall Engagement Season is Here!   It’s that time again folks! November marks the beginning of our favorite season here at Windy City Wedding Dance. Not only is it the season of crisp mornings, beautifully painted leaves and spiced apple cider, it’s officially 2016 Fall Engagement Season! Over 38% of engagements occur between November…

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Trendy Summer Wedding Shoes 2016 Rose

Trendy Wedding Shoes Summer 2016 Deciding upon shoes is one of the most important and difficult decisions for all brides to make. There are so many options it can be overwhelming. Along with everything else in fashion there is always a certain style that stands out from the rest, especially with shoes. This summer’s 2016 wedding shoes have…

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Big City Wedding Dance

Big City Wedding Dance Pictue

  Looking for a Big City Wedding Dance. Chicago is home to some of the most magnificent weddings of all time. With speciality venues, convention districts, theaters, and beautiful churches you would expect nothing more. When couples plan a wedding they run into the ultimate task list that never seems to end. At times the…

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Image Wedding Dance Playlist Do's Dont's

WEDDING DANCE PLAYLIST – DO’S AND DONT’S PLEASING THE GUESTS With the expectation of dancing at weddings it is important to find the right playlist that will please you and your guests. The wedding is all about the bride and groom but if the guests aren’t having a good time it changes the whole mood of…

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Wedding Dance Songs Spring 2016

It’s that time to conquer our Spring Wedding Chores which include sharing our updated list for clients to get ideas for their first dance. Here are some tips and guidelines we find useful when choosing the song for your wedding dance. CHOOSING THE SONG One of the most memorable moments of any wedding is the…

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Dance History 101

DANCE HISTORY & WHERE IT STARTED Dance is one of the oldest forms of art across the world. Throughout history dance has been expressed during rituals, spiritual gatherings, and social affairs. Scientists and enthusiasts have all asked the same question, where does dance come from? While dance itself cannot leave tangible proof, ancient stone paintings…

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Chicago Ballroom Dance Show 2016

Extra extra, read all about it! Do you love watching dancing with the stars? How about attending a Chicago Ballroom Dance Show 2016? Windy City Wedding Dance owner Jessica Mays and World Champion Ballroom Dancer, Tommye Giacchino, will be hosting the second annual Studebaker Ballroom Broadway Show Sunday October 23 at 3pm in the iconic Fine Arts…

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