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Our NEW Wedding Dance Songs resource is live. For instance, you might have a mental block and need some guidance. Therefore we created this list of songs we think you might like and hope this helps you narrow down your song search. We recommend you try a song from each list and bring them to your first dance lesson. Every song has a different feeling and tells a story. Which story do you want tell with your first dance? Choose the song that puts the biggest smile on your face.

Curious about which dance style goes with your music. By the way, you can use this one time FREE Dance Inspection tool. It's easy and all you have to do is fill out the form with the wedding song. Our dance studio pros will review your submission and send an email with our song analysis. In other words, don't guess let us to do the work. However, submissions will be answered in the order they are received. Did you know you can get started today? Windy City Wedding Dance is teaching worldwide with Virtual Dance Lessons. For example, you might not live with your fiancé, but you can still learn some basic steps together on a virtual dance date. Even if your not getting married, you can still take a dance lesson. Meanwhile, while your talking it over click on the link to for more details. We can't wait for your Virtual Dance Lessons.

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