Tips For Destination Wedding Dance

This winter here in Chicago, all we can think about is our next sunny tropical vacation. Many couples are taking their weddings out-of-state to a tropical destination or international resort. Not all destination weddings take place in warm weather, but vacation weddings are still on the rise and continue to be a trend for 2017.

The key to having a successful destination wedding is the planning behind the scenes. Organizing details from out-of-state or another country can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Many of our couples have voiced their frustration over the communication between resorts or lack there of. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to get their questions answered.

Wasn’t this suppose to be easier? Well remember destination weddings are still weddings at the end of the day. After several years of collaboration with our wedding dance clients, we have come up with what we think is best when preparing for a first dance at a resort. See these simple steps to achieving the perfect destination wedding dance.

[subtitle]Destination Wedding Dance Tips[/subtitle]

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[accordion] [item title="Assume You Have A Small Dance Floor" icon="fa-star"]Choose a dance style suitable for a small dance floor. Our wedding couples will choose a dance style like Night Club 2 Step, Rumba, Swing, or Salsa. They take up little space. They are versatile and can be used on a large or small dance floors. [/item] [item title="Download Your Song to Your Phone" icon="fa-star"]Make sure you have a backup of your wedding song on your smart phone that can be played. Don't assume you are going to have an internet connection. Sometimes the communication barrier can be challenging, but if you have it on your phone the DJ should be able to plug-in your music. [/item][item title="Know The Surface of Your Dance Floor" icon="fa-star"]Heels and cobble stone do not go hand in hand. Try to make sure you have the right kind of shoes based on the surface of your dance floor. Some couples dance in the sand, others on a pool deck. Just be prepared with an extra set of shoes [/item][item title="Consider a Dance Style or Song That Fits Your Theme" icon="fa-star"]Many tropical weddings take place in Mexico. Looking to learn how to Salsa Dance? This might be a perfect way to blend the culture with your wedding.[/item][/accordion]