Micro Weddings The Back Up Plan

Micro Wedding Back Up Plan

As I was preparing for this blog, I messaged a few questions to one of our clients Michelle. Even though her vision was a little different in the beginning of 2020, she went ahead and moved forward with her wedding this past fall. Michelle replied that she was so happy and they made the right…

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Should You Take Dance Lessons For Your Wedding

Should you take dance lessons for your wedding

Should you take dance lessons for your wedding? By the way, it would be easy for me to say yes because I am a dance studio owner who specializes in wedding dance. I’m not going to do that, because after 7 years and thousands of students, I’ve also learned that while there are so many…

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First Dance Songs Perfect for 2021

2021-Free-Wedding-Song- List

Windy City Wedding Dance professionals are predicting a major come back for the wedding industry in 2021. It’s that time of year where couples are starting to think about their first dance. Just to be ready, we have started to compile our list of first dance songs perfect for 2021. Even though we all have…

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Wedding Nightmares During Coronavirus

Wedding Nightmares

How many times can you plan one wedding? Just ask a few of my favorite wedding planners in Chicago. With everything happening so fast, watching my industry partners navigate this mess was heart breaking to say the least. How can you sleep with all these wedding nightmares? In my opinion, the wedding planners have one…

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A Future for Dance Studios Post Coronavirus

What does the future look like for dance studios post coronavirus? It’s the million dollar question that dance studio owners face in a time of uncertainty.   Dance Studios Post Coronavirus Some dance studios were quick to pivot to online dance lessons using Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams for virtual dance lesson options. In…

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Why Dance Training Beats Repetitive Physical Training

Are you guilty of sharing articles that highlight the beneficial effects of dancing on cognitive function? So am I. As a dancing coach, have I convinced my students? We all know that dancing is good for your physical as well as mental well-being. What is the evidence and science behind it though? How can I…

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Things to Know When Starting Dance

Blog Image for Things to Know When Starting Dance Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been thinking about starting dance? I’m sure you have many questions and want to prepare before you walk inside a dance studio. Here are some useful guidelines that will help when starting dance for the first time. Be Open Minded About Starting Dance Be kind to your self when starting from scratch. Make…

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How to Dodge a First Dance Disaster

Image of Couple who Prepared for their First Dance Image used in blog How to Avoid a First Dance Disaster

We’ve all been there watching a disaster of sorts. Whether its an awkward speech given by colleague or one of your best friends dancing at their own wedding, it was down right uncomfortable. These are called sympathy pains. It’s pain and empathy you feel for people who are in trouble. How to dodge a first…

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5 Brutally Honest Pieces of Advice About Dance Lessons

Truths Dance Lessons You Can’t Dance in Flip Flops on Dance Lessons Lets face it, you weren’t thinking about dance lessons when you rushed out the door slipped into your favorite Tori Birch flip flops. It was you against the clock. Well after 45 minutes of clinching and cramping your toes to your flip flops…

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Best Adult Dance Classes 2018

Image of Students Best Adult Dance Classes 2018

Dance classes are a lot like fashion. Over the years fitness and dance classes have changed. Learn about what’s new, what’s old, what’s being recycled. Here is our list of Best Adult Dance Classes for 2018. Dance Classes from The Past Lets start with fitness Aerobics! If you were born between the 60’s and 80’s…

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