Advantages of In-Person Versus Online Dance Classes

In-person versus online dance classes

When looking at in-person versus online dance classes we can see many differences. In-person dance classes offer several advantages over online dance classes due to the nature of dance as a physical art form. Here are some reasons why learning in-person dance can be so valuable.

Physical Presence and Mentoring:

Dance is an activity that requires accurate movements, body alignment, and coordination. In-person classes allow dancers to have direct physical contact with instructors who can provide hands-on guidance, feedback, and provide advice. Teachers are able to evaluate students' movements and provide immediate guidance to help them better their technique, posture, and execution.

In-Person Interaction and Communication:

Dance requires detailed partner work, group formations, and musicality. In an in-person dance class, dancers can interact and communicate in real time with teachers and fellow students, elevating their learning experience. Real-time feedback, verbal cues, demonstrations, and the ability to ask questions helps clients understand the dance steps and choreography.

Understanding Space In-person versus online dance classes:

In-person dance classes allow for dancers to practice in a realistic environment. They can learn how to navigate and utilize the dance floor effectively, maintain appropriate spacing between partners, and understand the dynamics of movement within a physical space. This can be challenging in a small studio or one bedroom apartment in a big city. This is very important for social dances, performances, and competitions.

Performance and Artistic Expression:

Dance is an art form that encompasses expression, emotion, and storytelling. Beginners tend to look at the floor when they take steps. In-person classes provide an opportunity to have an instructor helping you and guiding you to hold up your head. Dancers can also interact with their classmates to practice their abilities.


Dance classes provide a sense of community and camaraderie among dancers. In-person classes allow dancers to communicate, compare, and build relationships with fellow dancers. This shared experience fosters a supportive and motivating environment where dancers can learn from each other, exchange ideas, and grow together as a community.

Performance Opportunities:

In-person dance classes often provide networking and performance opportunities that can be valuable for dancers' growth and development. These opportunities include dance showcases, recitals and competitions.

Online dance classes may have limitations in terms of physical correction, floor craft, and the interactive experience that in-person classes offer.

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