5 Hottest Wedding Trends 2023

Hottest Wedding Trends 2023



Have you spent the last year taking notes at all the weddings you've been attending? That’s typical research an engaged couple will conduct as they attend your wedding. They start forming a list of do’s and don’ts. We’ve been spending time with local wedding planners and our own clientele and here is what we know.

Leaning Out the Guest List

Our most recent couples are more invested in creating an intimate experience vs inviting all those people you haven’t talk to in ages. Covid was an eye opener for many who attended a wedding. It made us realize the importance of the celebration with our closest family and friends. A few less guest allows the couple to do more for the ones that matter. So do pare down your guest list so you can invest in more fun stuff.

Ditching Some Old Traditions

Some of our clients are not having a wedding party and I can’t remember the last time we had someone have a garter toss. By eliminating certain things, we create more time to spend with one another at cocktail hour and the reception. It’s a time saver not having to sit through those speeches. We also know that by eliminating the wedding party, we won’t have the typical drama of procrastination or sour attitudes. Lets face it, just the bouquets alone are a pretty penny. Couples can reinvest those dollars into something else like a 360 Photo Machine.

Hybrid DJ with Live Music

All of our couples in Chicago would love to hire a band but its tough to secure a top notch band if your budget doesn't allow for it. With 18 people on stage we understand the costs. Some other hot wedding trends in 2023 include using hybrid music options. Some of our good friends at the DJ Firm have created a hybrid experience that include live musicians who play along with DJ sets. This might be the perfect solution for those who might want allocate their budget accordingly.

Combined Parent Dances

Continued hot wedding trends in 2023 include combing those parents child dances. Most of our clients moved away to other cities to start their careers and lives so they won’t be practicing any parent dances before the big day. One way to feel more comfortable is to pick a song that all the parents can dance to at the same time. This will keep the timeline moving and allow more time for dancing and socializing with guests.


Leading the hot wedding trends in 2023 is our gen z couples. They are more committed to providing an experience rather than large guests lists and formalities. You might see professional dancers , entertainers, someone hanging upside down on silks, dueling pianos, unique food, and amazing food and cocktails.

Hottest Wedding Trends 2023