Micro Weddings The Back Up Plan

As I was preparing for this blog, I messaged a few questions to one of our clients Michelle. Even though her vision was a little different in the beginning of 2020, she went ahead and moved forward with her wedding this past fall.

Michelle replied that she was so happy and they made the right decision for them. Even though her original plan was closer to 100 guests she was rolling with the punches. The size was dwindling by the minute because of restrictions. At the time of her wedding the numbers were down to 25 or below.

Michelle says that she's so glad they went through with the wedding and it was still just as special as she had originally planned. As a result the day felt way more intimate versus having a huge wedding. Even though there is always a chance for a big party in the future, she feels she and Alice can move on with their lives without stressing out about the wedding.


Micro Wedding Back Up Plan

Photography by Hanna Walkowaik


Wedding Dance by Jessica Mays

Windy City Wedding Dance

Micro Weddings

So where do you start and how do you plan a micro wedding? Industry expert Becky Brown, at Elope to Chicago, was already focusing on small scale micro weddings before Covid emerged. Becky said that many couples were exploring elopement options in 2020 and had discovered a guest blog she had written. Becky is a phenomenal resource and a wedding photographer. I have included both of her business sites below.



Chicago's Latest Guidelines

Before finishing this blog, the City of Chicago communicated the latest set of restrictions. Even though we are moving to Phase 4, some restrictions were eased while others, remain intact. Wedding capacities are limited to a maximum of 25 persons and a 25% capacity ( whichever is less). I've included Chicago's link for the latest guidelines. Start planning now. However you might think things are progressing, its better to have options.


Don't lose hope just explore micro weddings, the back up plan.

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