Ballroom Dance Competitions

Ballroom Blitz TLC

Ballroom Blitz TLC Tommye Giacchino Richard Weinberg

We spent our day watching Ballroom Blitz on TLC, the new ballroom dance reality TV show. The show featured numerous ballroom dance competitors nationwide and in Chicago. The show reveals behind the scenes in our ballroom dance industry and how competitors prepare for upcoming ballroom dance competitions. The Truth About Ballroom Dance With hard work,…

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Big Chicago Ballroom Weekend

Logo of USA Damce

USA DanceSport Challenge Well with just hours away, ballroom dancers from all over Chicago and the US are finishing up their preparation for their Big Chicago Ballroom Weekend. For many, this is a weekend hobby spent traveling the US and the competing in the USA DanceSport Series. For others, it may be their first competition,…

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Chicago DanceSport Challenge

Photo of John Smith and Jessica from Louisville Competition

With only weeks away, Chicago’s ballroom dance community is preparing for the Chicago DanceSport Challenge. Chicago Dancesport Challenge is a part of the USA Dance Organization. This organization supports Amateur Ballroom Dancing and provides a circuit of dance competitions where amateur ballroom dance competitors hit the dance floor. Participants and ballroom dancers from all over…

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Derby City DanceSport Competition 2014

Ballroom Dance Competition Dress by Dore

Well it’s that time again. USA Dance competitors are getting ready for the 2015 Nationals by competing in NQE events in the Midwest region. We will be headed to the Derby City DanceSport Competition 2014 the first week of August to try to solidify out spot for 2015 nationals in the Smooth and Standard division.…

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Doré Designs 2014 Weddings

Dore Designs Custom Wedding Dance Dress

Our History with Doré I remember several years ago being helped by a beautiful young lady from Dore Designs, a company that designs ballroom dresses and gowns. This was my first experience with the brand Doré. She helped me try on my first ballroom gown. After 4 years, we spoke again at the Crystal Ball. She remembered…

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Crystal Ball 6.12.14

Crystal Ball Chicago

Well it’s that time of the year. Crystal Ball, one of Chicago’s ballroom dance competitions, starts today. Friends of Windy City Wedding Dance will be competing for the next 4 days in the following dance styles, American Rhythm, Smooth, and Standard. American Rhythm includes Bolero, Rumba, Cha Cha, and East Coast Swing. American Smooth Styles…

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Social Ballroom Dance Event

Ballroom Dance Frame

Tired of dancing alone? Looking for a social ballroom dance event? Come join Windy City Wedding Dance and Tommye Giacchino at the Drake Hotel for live music and social ballroom dancing on May 10th. The live band starts at 9pm and we encourage all of our students to attend and bring guests. If you are…

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East Coast Swing Dance Contest

East Coast Swing Contest

On Friday night Windy City Wedding Dance joined the The Chicago Bar Association for their Annual Benefit and East Coast Swing Dance Lesson. The East Coast Swing lesson was a big success with over 100 people on the dance floor. The Barrister Big Band played some great music and everyone got to practice their new…

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Dancing with The Chicago Bar Association

Swing Dancing

Windy City Wedding Dance will be partnering with The Chicago Bar Association. We will be teaching at the Chicago Bar Association’s 13th Annual Barrister’s Big Band Benefit Ball. We offer private or group dance lessons. Windy City Wedding Dance will be teaching an East Coast Swing Lesson on April 11, 2014. The event will include swing…

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Ballroom Dance 2 States in 3 Days

American Smooth

Ballroom Dance 2 States in 3 Days, some may say that’s sound exhausting for us that’s living. What an exciting weekend for Windy City Wedding Dance and Team Giacchino performing in The Dances From the Heart Show on Friday Night and competing in the Mid Atlantic Championships on Sunday in Bethesda Maryland. It wasn’t just…

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