Our History with Doré

I remember several years ago being helped by a beautiful young lady from Dore Designs, a company that designs ballroom dresses and gowns. This was my first experience with the brand Doré. She helped me try on my first ballroom gown. After 4 years, we spoke again at the Crystal Ball. She remembered the beautiful yellow gown that I tried years ago. She even knew who was wearing it today. At the time I didn’t have a partner to dance with, so I knew I had to wait to make my first purchase. Fast forward to this year at Nationals in Bethesda Maryland. I happen to see the Doré display and I ran over to see what they had brought to Maryland. I pulled the trigger on an amazing red and black Marilyn Monroe glamorous America Smooth Ballroom Dance Gown. I received my gown this past Friday and I was all smiles. When a dear friend of mine and myself attended the ballroom dance competition a few weeks we couldn’t wait to check out the vendors . As we were walking across the lobby, a dress caught my eye. I told her that you have to try this dress. She went into the dressing room and came out looking like a Brazilian Princess from the Jungle. She was stunning. The dress was brought in from, guess who, Doré Designs. We had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of Doré Designs at The Chicago Crystal Ball Dance Competition. She was very kind and helped my friend make her very first purchase.

Doré Designs 2014 Weddings

I have been following Dore Designs for the last 4 years, staying up to date on the latest fashions and trends in ballroom dance. I noticed in the last several years they have also been designing wedding gowns. This goes hand in hand with our business in Chicago. We are a ballroom dance studio dedicated to servicing wedding clients preparing for their first dance. At Windy City Wedding Dance we teach wedding dance lessons on Michigan Ave in Chicago. Having recently been engaged in the last two years I know what its like to go wedding dress shopping. The quality can not compare to a dress made by Doré. For us ballroom dancers, the best investment is to have a wedding dress custom designed and then use it to compete in ballroom dance competitions later. Buying a dress from a ballroom costume designer can pay off. There are opportunities to rent the dress to other competitors or advertise the dress for sell. If you take care of the dress you can still get quite a bit of money back out of the dress. You can also Resale the dress straight though Doré Designs. They travel coast to coast to competitions taking both resale and new dresses to display for all shapes and sizes. It is not unusual to see white gorgeous gowns on the dance floor that would make an amazing wedding dress. Google [actionbox color=”primary” title=”To Book Now At Windy City Wedding Dance” description=”Request Dance Lesson Today” btn_label=”Click Me!” btn_link=”https://windycityweddingdance.com/book-today” btn_color=”default” btn_size=small”” btn_icon=” fa-envelope” btn_external=”0″]       Custom Ballroom Dance Costumes and Wedding Dresses