Big Chicago Ballroom Weekend

USA DanceSport Challenge

Well with just hours away, ballroom dancers from all over Chicago and the US are finishing up their preparation for their Big Chicago Ballroom Weekend. For many, this is a weekend hobby spent traveling the US and the competing in the USA DanceSport Series. For others, it may be their first competition, their only competition, or their last competition. The Chicago DanceSport Challenge is a NQE, a National Qualifying Event. Windy City Wedding Dance Students will be throwing their hat in the ring for a chance to travel to nationals again for the second year in a row. They have been training for months taking ballroom dance lessons and coaching’s with the area’s top professionals.

Big Chicago Ballroom Weekend

Many ballroom dance studios in the area, including Windy City Wedding Dance, will have students competing in the competition. What’s nice about the USA DanceSport Series is the people and the competitors. This is where the amateur dancers have a chance to show everyone how hard they’ve been working. The competitors have an opportunity to dance within in their level showing their open and closed dance styles based on what level and age group they will be dancing. If you’re interested in learning about amateur dance competitions, then read up on the USA Dance National Website  You can find a list of competitions, local chapters, and all the rules for this amazing dance circuit. My biggest appreciation for the USA Dance circuit is price. Lets just get serious about the costs. The membership is very reasonable and the competition entry fees are just down right a steal. I think this allows for ballroom dance students to get out there and have a goal. Its great for the students, great for the studio, and wonderful for the organization.

This Friday night after our group classes finish we will be heading up to the competition to check out the Championship Level Dancers. We are looking forward to supporting the Chicago market and all the ballroom dance students who traveled in for this amazing opportunity.

Need Ballroom Dance Shoes

If you are in the market for some ballroom dance shopping, competitions continue to be the best place to purchase ballroom dance shoes or latin shoes. Before you make the trip, check out the Local Chicago Chapter website to see what vendors may be attending. Trying on shoes in person will save you numerous shipment charges. Most shoes are european sizes which sometimes make it tough. Are your feet wide or narrow? Make the trip over to the comp to save your self the headache of returning shoes that just don’t fit.

Ballroom Dance Competitions

So lastly if you need something to do thats fun and entertaining, swing by the dance comp and see the students in action. Its very inspiring and who knows, maybe we will see you out there next year!

For more information on the Chicago Local Chapter Click Here


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