Ballroom Dance 2 States in 3 Days, some may say that’s sound exhausting for us that’s living. What an exciting weekend for Windy City Wedding Dance and Team Giacchino performing in The Dances From the Heart Show on Friday Night and competing in the Mid Atlantic Championships on Sunday in Bethesda Maryland.

It wasn’t just another Valentine’s Day for Team Giacchino and Windy City Wedding Dance. The team rehearsed for months and practiced all week to prepare for the show. For most they work to live. For us, we work to dance. On Friday we had to report on stage dressed and ready to perform by 6:00pm for our tech rehearsal in costume. The team was dressed in professional ballroom costumes with beautiful jewels and swazorski crystals that gleamed and shined on stage. We were the first piece in Act 2 and kicked off the show with a group number from Ricky Martin, followed by a solo Tango, Jive, Cha Cha, Swing, and Rumba. We closed the number with a group West Coast and Cha Cha to Blurred Lines. The crowd roared and the team ended the show with big smiles. Tommye Giacchino, our coach, never disappoints always presenting the most exciting numbers with tricks, dips, flips, and excitement.

The weekend was over for some, but not for everyone. Some team members left the next morning for a competition in Bethesda, Maryland. With just enough time to get a practice in Saturday night, the team went on to compete on Sunday morning taking a 4 First Place Awards and 2 scholarships in Silver and Gold. This competition was a National Qualifier and these team members will now be attending Nationals. It was back to office on Monday morning with smiles and preparation for the years biggest event Nationals.

If performing, dancing, getting ready for a wedding, or competing is something you have ever considered please feel free to contact us.