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How To Survive Your Wedding Dance

  You won’t be sleeping in a tent or living off the land to prepare for your wedding dance, but if you plan on surviving and dancing in front of 100’s of your peers, co-workers, family members, and friends you must pay close attention. Research these tips on how to survive your wedding dance. In our…

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We hope this helps all of those doing your research on music for your wedding dance. Many of you will be taking dance lessons, but it seems like the big hold up has to do with music. You can’t seem to choose a song. It’s ok if you never had a song together. Maybe you met…

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3 Ways Dance Improves Your Marriage

3 Ways Dance Improves our Marriage IMAGE

Dance improves your marriage. In the last month I’ve sat down with 3 brides who recently married in the last 4 months. The feedback was very interesting from each couple, but all had extremely positive results. Its true the dance lessons they used to prepare for their first dance has improved their relationship.  DANCE IMPROVES…

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Image Ballroom Dance Humor

YOU KNOW YOU’RE A TANGO JUNKIE WHEN All of your computer passwords are related to Tango. Tango is one of the most recognizable International Ballroom Dances, along with the Waltz and the Foxtrot. The art of dance has a tremendous history; it has fueled people’s passions for centuries past and centuries to come.   BALLROOM…

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Trendy Summer Wedding Shoes 2016 Rose

Trendy Wedding Shoes Summer 2016 Deciding upon shoes is one of the most important and difficult decisions for all brides to make. There are so many options it can be overwhelming. Along with everything else in fashion there is always a certain style that stands out from the rest, especially with shoes. This summer’s 2016 wedding shoes have…

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Differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance

Image Differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance

  For your wedding day you get to make lots and lots of decisions. Colors, designs, and styles are chosen to represent your perfect wedding. After some of the bigger decisions are made we can start making other decisions. For instance we need a date, but before we choose a date we probably need a…

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Father Daughter Dance 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016 THE DANCE The father daughter dance is a special moment between the two that will be remembered and cherished forever. A moment to thank each other for everything they have brought to their lives and a huge milestone for them. The time has come where a new rock is there for…

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Wedding Dance Tips Shared By Windy City Wedding Dance

Image Wedding Dance Tips Shared By Windy City Wedding Dance 1

In addition to our complimentary consult, we are constantly sharing news about the wedding dance industry. Wedding Dance Tips Shared by Windy City Wedding Dance is a blog designed to help new clients. [actionbox color=”primary” title=”To Book Now At Windy City Wedding Dance” description=”Request Dance Lesson Today” btn_label=”Click Me!” btn_link=”” btn_color=”default” btn_size=small”” btn_icon=” fa-envelope” btn_external=”0″]…

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2016 Winter Wedding Dance Songs

Image of Windy City Wedding Dance Home Page above the fold

Happy New Year from Windy City Wedding Dance. You may be putting on those extra layers this winter to stay warm, but the snow in Chicago isn’t holding our wedding clients from preparing for the ultimate wedding dance. We understand that one of the toughest parts of the wedding dance is actually selecting the song.…

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Dance Tips From Windy City Newlyweds 

We love to hear all about our clients first dance. After weeks or months of preparation it’s always heart warming to get pictures and videos from their special day.   Dance Tips From Windy City Newlyweds   What Our Clients Say Start Early We interviewed a few of our students and here is the feedback We…

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