Differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance


For your wedding day you get to make lots and lots of decisions. Colors, designs, and styles are chosen to represent your perfect wedding. After some of the bigger decisions are made we can start making other decisions. For instance we need a date, but before we choose a date we probably need a venue. Making wedding decisions take time and patience and can’t be rushed. Preparing for your first dance should be the same way. It should require some thought and preparation, but time and time again we see couples wait until the last 72 hours to decide its time for the emergency wedding dance lesson.

Image Differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance

Differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance

In this blog I am going to describe the differences between wedding dance and ballroom dance and how to best prepare for your big day. I thinks its a relevant topic because we are asked every day to help prepare our clients for their wedding, but they do not want a ballroom dance. So as a professional we think to ourselves how do we best describe this without confusing our clients. So what is dancing if we break it down? For instance we have the cupid shuffle and east coast swing. One is dance style and the other is a line dance. In both dances it requires us to shift weight from one foot to the other. What is the common goal for each dance? The common goal is to complete the dance on the beat while unifying our steps. We all want to be the same and organized while on the dance floor. We want to appear as if we all know what we are doing. Although line dances are different because we are side by side, the goal is dance together and make sure we know the steps. We don’t want to look like the one who got out of formation. Once the steps become familiar, then we can add some swagger and style to the steps. We just went from a beginner look to an intermediate look by knowing our steps and making them muscle memory. Ballroom dance is a series of dance styles where we are trying to achieve the same thing. Ballroom dancing can also be described as partner dancing. This is why ballroom and wedding dance is related. Our couples want to dance with each other, which is partner dancing.

All we know or think we know is what we see on TV. Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Star Search are all programs that showcase dancing, but this isn’t what I want to look like at my wedding and nor do many of our clients. This isn’t TV its my wedding. So first things first! In order to find a dance, we need to pick a song. We need to try some partner dance styles. Once we figure out which partner style dance works best, then we need to start learning some simple patterns where both people can move together in unison.

Once we have chosen our patterns we will need to add-on an entrance. Once the DJ announces the first dance the couple will typically walk the center of the dance floor, this is referred to as the entrance. After we complete the grand entrance we will put the patterns learned during our dance lessons in an order. Once we have our road map for our dance we will need to close out the dance with a final dip or ending. So now we have an entire wedding dance. Just because the dance is complete doesn’t mean its time for our debut. We need practice, practice, practice. By putting in extra effort, we can relax the jaws, breathe normally, and carry on a conversation while we dance. This simply takes time and effort but can be done. Our wedding dance should be social, fun, relaxed and full of love. I hope this has helped our audience define differences Between Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dance.