Dance Tips From Windy City Newlyweds 

We love to hear all about our clients first dance. After weeks or months of preparation it’s always heart warming to get pictures and videos from their special day.

  Dance Tips From Windy City Newlyweds


What Our Clients Say

Start Early

We interviewed a few of our students and here is the feedback We are so glad we started early. After attending 10 weddings this summer we saw a lot of dancing and we picked up on the things we liked and the things we didn’t. By the time our wedding came around we weren’t even thinking about the dance!

Bustling The Dress is Key

We always ask our brides about shoes and the dress and encourage them to dance in the shoes that are measured to the dress. After feedback from this year we are going to take it a notch further. Alterations are key and making sure you choose a seamstress that understands your First Dance can make or break your experience on the floor. Our brides say get that dress off the ground so you can move!


Size Matters

No I’m not talking about the wedding ring, but I am talking about the dance floor. Get the dimensions early on so you can have a wedding dance designed for your reception and dance floor. Some dance styles are required to travel across the floor. Dances like Foxtrot and Waltz need some space.


Grab Mom & Dad

It’s not over until mom and dad get to dance. Why fight over who is leading come take a few dance lessons and calm your nerves. It’s never to late. A small game plan is better than no game plan. Our brides say their dads feel so much better after taking a few lessons for the big wedding day.


Taking the dance lessons before the wedding can be exciting, but also rewarding once you see your pictures and videos from the First Dance. Our clients attend many weddings thought the year and learning to dance is a much-needed skill. Overcoming fears and perceptions are key. Many clients think there is no hope for them. They all end up surprised about their skills and abilities. It may not be dancing with the stars but they left prepared knowing how to dance.


Thinking about preparing for you first dance? How many dance lessons will it take to get ready for my wedding? We advise that you start early if you want to look calm, collected, and coordinated. Come try an introductory wedding dance lesson and let us help you take the right step.