Falls Upcoming Wedding Dance Hits 2018

Wedding Dance Couple dipping under tree

Falls Upcoming Wedding Dance Hits 2018 Hello again from Windy City Wedding Dance. Today we are going to cover falls Upcoming Wedding Dance Hits for 2018. If this is your first time seeing us, we are a dance school in the heart of downtown Chicago. We teach adult couples and singles how to dance at special…

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2017 Hottest Wedding Dance Songs

Image of 2017 Hottest Wedding Dance Songs

In the beginning of 2017 we thought we may have another year of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” but looks we have a new winner this year. The wedding couples have spoken. We can help guide our clients if they are in need of song suggestions. The song of the year isn’t new. It was released in 2008. This popular…

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How to Use DISC Profile for Wedding Dance

    How to Use DISC Profile for Wedding Dance Today I’m going to cover how wedding dance and the DISC Profile have become a pivotal part of our dance studio known as the Disc Profile Wedding Dance. Back in my corporate days we were required to take an exam. It was a personality profile evaluation called…

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We hope this helps all of those doing your research on music for your wedding dance. Many of you will be taking dance lessons, but it seems like the big hold up has to do with music. You can’t seem to choose a song. It’s ok if you never had a song together. Maybe you met…

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Student’s Perspective Tips From Wedding Dance Pro’s

TIPS FROM THE WEDDING DANCE PRO’S   Hello Fellow Beginner Dancers, I’m Amanda; I currently work as an intern wedding dance studio where I get to observe people learning Salsa and Ballroom Dance. I am a brand new beginner level students. From time to time I get to participate in the classes watching people truly enjoy themselves,…

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First Dance Graduation Tips

Image of Couple Walking down the stairs

Ok so you gave him 1 job, just one job. All he had to do was pick up the phone 6 months ago and schedule the wedding dance lessons. By now your first dance would be complete and you wouldn’t be feeling this pressure. Fast forward, it’s time to get started! We have 5 weeks until the…

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Wedding Dance Trump Tower

Image of Windy City Wedding Dance Couple who married at Trump Tower

Several months back a beautiful young lady and gentleman walked into the studio to prepare for their first dance. We talked about their upcoming wedding scheduled for July of 2015. Although John and Lauren hadn’t decided on their final song, we started to sample different ballroom dance styles and made the final decision on a…

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My Father Daughter Dance in Heaven

Father Daughter Dance Image Ronald T Mays

On May 21st, 2 days after my Father’s 70th Birthday I received the phone call I had been dreading all my life. I was in the middle of teaching a wedding dance lesson and had to leave immediately. It was an emergency and I knew it was serious, but little did I know it was a…

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10 Ways To Rock A Wedding Dance

Rock a Wedding Dance Chicago Image

Are you going to be headed down the aisle this summer? With a check list that keeps growing sometimes some of the things we hoped to get done for the wedding may have taken a back seat. Are you looking for ways to rock a wedding dance? Our expertise at Windy City Wedding Dance are…

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How Did Our Wedding Dance Couples Meet

Image of a Wedding Couple

Love is always in the air at Windy City Wedding Dance. With over 100 clients walking through the door every week, its always interesting to get to know more about our love birds as they work on their first dance. So how do you think people meet a significant other in 2015? Here is what…

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