Disc Profile Wedding Dance



How to Use DISC Profile for Wedding Dance

Today I’m going to cover how wedding dance and the DISC Profile have become a pivotal part of our dance studio known as the Disc Profile Wedding Dance.

Back in my corporate days we were required to take an exam. It was a personality profile evaluation called the DISC Profile. Each one of us fell into one of these 4 Categories.

  1. D = dominant category
  2. =  influence category
  3. steadiness category
  4. C = conscientiousness category

Today I use the tools without even realizing to assist our wedding dance students and determine what teaching methods and types of dance will be best suited for their personality. The goal is to keep them calm and comfortable during their wedding dance. This method has evolved into the Disc Profile Wedding Dance.

Having a dance studio in downtown Chicago surrounds you with some of worlds brightest minds. We see doctors, lawyers, business owners, professional athletes, CEO’s, CFO’s, marketing guru’s and more but, having the right information from your wedding dance teachers will be the glue that holds you together. The key ingredient to a cool, calm, and collected wedding is based on your own confidence. Confidence can be built over time. How do we achieve confidence during a wedding dance? We need to be able to dance our steps with ease, without thinking about them, and it needs to feel much like walking. Most of all we need to have FUN!

DISC Profile Wedding Dance

Dominant – I know exactly what I want and I am in control of the wedding dance!

Influence – I want to be the center of the Universe for my wedding dance. All eyes should be on me. I want to talk a lot and collaborate during the dance lessons try different things. There must be a cherry on top. This dance could go viral.

Steadiness – A wonderful team player who wants none of the credit. Quiet and in background. I am doing this for my fiance and the team. I don’t feel comfortable being the center of attention. We can do what ever song you want. Just here for you.

Conscientiousness – This student will be practicing the dance steps on the first night and needs all the details. He or she usually thinks in numbers. They must have a structured game plan for the wedding dance. There will be no flying by the seat their pants. They will likely want to purchase the larger package. They are the perfectionist.

These are the categories that our students fall in and we have to help guide them through their decisions. Well wouldn’t this just be simple if we were dealing with one person, but it takes 2 to tango. So here comes the tricky part. What happens when you combine an S and I. Go back up and read what they want. Well its exactly the way your relationship has been thus far. It requires compromise. The goal is to find that sweet spot for both so the S doesn’t feel so uncomfortable they can’t dance, at the same time we have to keep the I amused so they don’t get board. At the end of the day we are dance referees. My ultimate goal is to please both students in the wedding dance so they both walk out smiling.


3 Ways To Rock Your Wedding Dance - Windy City Wedding Dance Infographic

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