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Free Swing Dancing Lesson Today Chicago SummerDance

Students dancing at Windy City Wedding Dance

    Chicago Dance Lessons Chicago SummerDance is very special to us. We are just one block north on Michigan Ave at 410 S Michigan and opened our permanent location on June 15th just in time to get the summer kicked off for Wedding Season. Our specialities include Dance Classes, Dance Lessons, Ballroom Dance Lessons,…

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Chicago Dancing Festival 2014

Chicago Dancing Festival 2014 Photo

What kind of plans do you have for this summer? With Chicago at the height of festival season anyone can find an interesting event to attend. For us at Windy City Wedding Dance we like to support all the dancing events in Chicago. The Chicago Dancing Festival 2014 will be back again this year. The festival…

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Dancing is Like Dreaming with Your Feet

Ballroom Dance Studio at 410 S Michigan Ave

This morning just so happens to be my birthday and a new journey for me. I found this quote today on Google. It said, “Dancing is Like Dreaming with Your Feet.” I think this is a pretty accurate description of the past year and where we have come in such a short period of time.…

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Social Ballroom Dance Event

Ballroom Dance Frame

Tired of dancing alone? Looking for a social ballroom dance event? Come join Windy City Wedding Dance and Tommye Giacchino at the Drake Hotel for live music and social ballroom dancing on May 10th. The live band starts at 9pm and we encourage all of our students to attend and bring guests. If you are…

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Chicago Wedding Dance

Chicago Wedding Dance Bride 2014

In the last few years The Chicago Wedding Dance has an entire new meaning. As we continue to see more and more couples invest in technology, photography, and video, it’s all the more reason to make sure you are investing in your Wedding Dance. Your First Dance will be recorded and someone is likely to post…

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Healthy Benefits of Dancing

Tommye Giacchino

I thought I would share some of the healthy benefits of dancing. When is the last time you said to your self, “I can’t wait to go to the gym and run like a hamster on the treadmill?” There are those of us who like to run and then there are those of us who…

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Wedding Dance Lessons Info Graphic

Wedding Dance info graphic

We understand that some of our clients are visual learners. We created this Wedding Dance info graphic to help you with your planning and preparation for scheduling wedding dance lessons. Timing is key when you are preparing for a wedding. Ballroom wedding dance lessons are being more and more popular. Our recommendation is to get everything scheduled out in…

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Columbia College Dance Concert

Team Giacchino

The last few weeks have been very busy for Chicago’s wedding dance specialist, performing at the Athenaeum Theatre on February 14th and competing in the Midatlantic USA Dance championships on Feb 16th.  Windy City wedding Dance, members of Team Giachinno, will be performing for the 8th Annual Columbia College Alumni Dance Concert at Hamlin Park Field House at 3035 N.…

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Ballroom Dance 2 States in 3 Days

American Smooth

Ballroom Dance 2 States in 3 Days, some may say that’s sound exhausting for us that’s living. What an exciting weekend for Windy City Wedding Dance and Team Giacchino performing in The Dances From the Heart Show on Friday Night and competing in the Mid Atlantic Championships on Sunday in Bethesda Maryland. It wasn’t just…

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Spring and Summer Wedding Dance

Spring and Summer Wedding Dance Are you getting in married in March, April, or May? January and February are great months to start your dance lessons for a Spring Wedding. Are you getting married in June, July, or August? Make sure you are starting around April or May for a Summer Wedding. The summer wedding…

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