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Spring and Summer Wedding Dance

Spring and Summer Wedding Dance

Are you getting in married in March, April, or May? January and February are great months to start your dance lessons for a Spring Wedding. Are you getting married in June, July, or August? Make sure you are starting around April or May for a Summer Wedding. The summer wedding season is super busy. Scheduling far in advance is going to get you the times you need to accommodate both of your schedules. Here are some tips from Chicago’s wedding dance specialist at Windy City Wedding Dance for spring and summer bride and grooms. Our first dance or wedding dance tips can help you tell your love story through your first dance.

Step 1

Research and find a wedding dance specialist in your area who can accommodate your schedule and your budget. It would best to schedule and extra lesson just in case. You never know when something is going to come up. Weather in Chicago has been unpredictable this year.

Step 2

Make sure you scheduling a minimum of 4 to 6 lessons.  Learning to dance is a lot like golf but not as hard. It takes practice to make the dancing feel natural. The dancing begins to flow when it becomes muscle memory. If you know you are not going to practice, which is ok, I would suggest adding on 2 extra lessons. There is a big difference between my clients who practice and those that do not. Our goal is to make you walk out feeling proud and confident.

Step 3

Select 2 to 3 songs that you would be comfortable dancing to on your wedding day. I have had a few instances where wedding couples have chosen to change their song. It’s your day, make it yours! Try to think ahead of time to save yourself the extra step.

Step 4

Shoes are an essential part of your first dance. In most cases the brides dress is so long you won’t be able to see her shoes. No need to kill your self learning a new skill on stilts ladies. There is nothing magical about being unbalanced while attempting your first dance. We recommend a shoe that is a comfortable height so you can move gracefully on your first dance. We can recommend a dance shoe wedding line. Gents make sure you are bringing your shoes to the lesson as well. If you are renting shoes try to bring a similar shoe style.

Step 5

Knowing the setup and flow of your reception room will be helpful information for your dance instructor. Find out from the facility what the square footage is for your wedding dance floor . We don’t want to run out of space. We want to make sure we have you facing the audience for those certain moves on the floor. It’s as simple as knowing where you want to enter the floor, the location of the DJ or Band, square footage of dance floor, and where your guests will be sitting.

Step 6

Don’t forget about the Mother Son or Father Daughter dance. If you want to build a package with all the above make sure to add-on time and schedule more. Make it a group lesson we can knock it out together. Your mom has been asking your dad to take her to dance lessons for years. Make her dreams come true.

If you are interested in what we have to offer contact us directly below. We would be happy to set up a free consultation.

By Jessica Mays 2.1.14


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