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Winter 2018 Chicago Salsa Dance Classes

Who likes Salsa? We do! Welcome to the Windy City Wedding Dance blog where we cover exciting topics like weddings, shoes, dance floors, dance styles, salsa dance classes and more. Today we are going to cover some fun topics about Salsa. Salsa Dance Classes How to Get Started Dancing Salsa Dancing can be intimidating for…

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Learn About Salsa Dancing in Spain

 Salsa Dancing in Spain Vaneza Perez, our lead Salsa Instructor, and myself, Jessica, owner of Windy City Wedding Dance recently traveled to Barcelona Spain. One of the goals on our bucket list was to find a dance school and study Salsa abroad. Salsa dancing in Spain was a mutual goal. My personal number 1 goal was…

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Have an interest in learning more about Salsa Styles & History. In this blog we will be covering Salsa styles and the history behind the one of the most popular night club social dance in the USA. SALSA’S INTRODUCTION The dance of Salsa has tremendous history, and has spread fast around the world. The first…

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Dance Like Susan Susan Is Smart

Image Dance Like Susan Susan is Smart Image

DANCE LIKE SUSAN   Dance like Susan. In order to learn how to dance you have to start acting like Susan. Susan is no dummy, nor does she have unrealistic expectations. Susan decided she wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. Susan called Windy City Wedding Dance and asked some questions. We recommended that Susan…

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Trending Wedding Dance Songs 2014

A Couple Dancing at their wedding

Are you getting married and starting to think about your first dance? Traditionally wedding dance styles include Rumba, Night Club 2 Step, Foxtrot, Waltz, and Salsa. There are a variety of wedding dance songs, but how come you can’t think of one or find the one that’s right for you? Now you only have 3…

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