Who likes Salsa? We do! Welcome to the Windy City Wedding Dance blog where we cover exciting topics like weddings, shoes, dance floors, dance styles, salsa dance classes and more. Today we are going to cover some fun topics about Salsa.

Salsa Dance Classes

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How to Get Started Dancing Salsa

Dancing can be intimidating for many people. How do they dance like that? It’s mesmerizing the way they move their hips. It’s so impressive they can dance with complete strangers and make it look like they have been dancing together all of their lives. Most beginners believe they own 2 left feet. They lack confidence and think they have no Rhythm. We say! “Don’t be so hard on yourself!”

Finding a local dance studio in a safe environment is key. Where can you go to find people just like you? Try starting with a beginner level Salsa Class.


Advice from The Experts

Be patient with yourself and others around you. It’s not time to take those training wheels off and go to the club after your first dance class. Your probably going to fall. Salsa dance classes will help you find confidence over time. The word “Time,” is key. We are a society who is immediately ready for instant gratification but we need to slow down and take the time to learn correctly. One of students once described himself like a new-born deer learning to walk for the first time. It’s going to feel awkward at first and a bit uncoordinated but by the end of your course you should feel accomplished.

Chicago Salsa Dance Classes

What kind of class is right for me? We think you should be enrolling into a multi-week course. Repetition creates muscle memory. Consistency will make you grow at the quickest rate and will drive strength and confidence. You can enroll into a class as a single or a couple but you should be dancing in an atmosphere where you are rotating partners. Truly becoming a good dancer is about and leading and following. During a dance class you get that repetition and exposure to all the dancers in the class. If dancing with strangers is out of comfort level than many dance studios offer private salsa dance instruction. This could be a better alternative than group salsa dance classes.

Where Should You Practice Moves from Salsa Dance Classes

Our first recommendation is to participate in your dance studio’s parties with your peers from class. Now that you’ve been together for a month or more  you should feel confident with your peers to make mistakes. We all make mistakes in the beginning. Once you have a few months under your belt it might time for a Salsa Dance Class field trip. Stay close to your classmates and exchange information so you can keep going out and getting better and better.


Windy City Wedding Dance Salsa Dance Classes

We have been teaching Salsa on Michigan Avenue since 2014 and we love what we do. We have watched our students grow to become strong social Salsa dancers and we applaud them for their dedication over the years. If you’ve ever though about Salsa dance classes if you’d like to try a class check out our schedule at https://windycityweddingdance.com/dance-classes-chicago/dance-class-schedule