Wedding Dance Myths 2014

Image of a Weddig Couple During Their First Dance


1. No one can teach me how to dance, I am a lost cause.

Many of us feel insecure about our dancing. Our childhood memories of the junior high dance haunt us as we start to think about preparing for our first dance. After years of conditioning we start to believe we can’t dance. Remember that time you were invited to the black tie event? Where did everyone else learn how to dance? Now lets back up to the first time you rode a bike. This was a process and took practice. At first we start with training wheels. Think of your dance instructor as your new set of training wheels. After some time and dedication you’ll be able to dance without your instructor. Taking ballroom dance lessons will help boost your confidence and show you that you can learn to dance for your wedding just like you can learn golf, play a new video game, or learn how to operate your brand new smart phone.

2. I don’t have time

Sure you have time. We are open 7 days a week. Making time for dance lessons is simple. We have an online scheduling feature or you can send us an email with your availability and we will figure out how to make it work. We always recommend scheduling you dance lessons as far in advance as possible. This way as things change in your life we can easily adjust a few lessons. Waiting until the last-minute will make it tough to squeeze in dance lessons during our peak hours. We all know commuting and getting around during rush hour is a pain in Chicago. Use this time to work on your ballroom dance skills instead of commuting. It’s a great use of time instead of sitting in traffic. Our dance lessons are 45 minutes long. Our Michigan Ave location in Chicago Illinois is open 7 days a week. Each wedding dance lesson is 45 minutes long. Because the lessons are fun and exciting, 45 minutes zips by in a flash.

3. I don’t have any dance shoes

No one starts dancing with the perfect shoes, but it sure makes a difference once you buy a pair. We welcome our clients with their street shoes. For weddings, we recommend that our ladies start training in their wedding shoes as soon as possible. If they don’t want to take a chance of getting them dirty we recommend they bring in another pair of shoes that are very similar in design and height. Ballroom dance shoes come in a variety of styles. At Windy City Wedding Dance, in Chicago, we offer student discounts for those who visit our website and purchase their shoes through our dedicated link.

4. I haven’t picked a Song for My Wedding Dance

Great this makes the dancing even more exciting! Now we get to explore a number of dances and then you can narrow down your song selection by choosing your dance style in advance. Some dances come easier than others. It’s different for every single wedding dance couple. Because of our strategic location in Chicago, we are training engaged couples on a daily basis and would be happy to make recommendations for our client’s. It’s not just about learning to dance for your wedding. At Windy City Wedding Dance our expectation and standards are based on teaching you how to dance for a lifetime. Tell your love story through your first dance, but we expect you to be dancing all night.


Learn How to Dance for Your Wedding

We offer dance lessons in Lincoln Park, South Loop, Naperville/Aurora, and more. If you have ever considered learning how to ballroom dance or you’ve thought about dance classes, please feel free to reach out via email at or call us at 312-425-7198. Our locations are easy and convenient for clients living or working in the South Loop, West Loop, River North, Downtown Chicago, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Streeterville, or Lakeview.




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