Instructive Tips By Wedding Dance Professionals

Instructive Tips By Wedding Dance Professionals

Instructive Tips By Wedding Dance Professionals

Windy City Wedding Dance has professionals with over 30 years of combined teaching experience in numerous dance styles. We update our blog monthly with articles to help educate wedding clients about dance. In our newest article “Instructive Tips By Wedding Dance Professionals,” we take about tips to help our clients get the best from their dance experience. We admit we never stop learning from our clients. Our wedding dance professionals collaborate with students to construct a first dance and make them feel great. Here is some advice we can offer you so you can be your best on your wedding day.

Do Not Wait To Schedule Your Dance Lessons

Our wedding couples who start early feel so much better on their wedding day. They feel relaxed and prepared during their first dance. If you have tricky schedules its best to get into your local dance studio and reserve your space on the schedule. After work time slots can be filled quickly.

Keep The Receipt For Those Shoes

To a professional dance instructor our feet can be considered our most precious asset. Coming to one of our wedding dance consults can be very en-lightening we will challenge you with questions you may have never considered. At what part of the night will the first dance take place? Does that mean you’ve had these 3.5 inch heels on for 9 hours. Remember once you put on that dress, you put on your shoes. Once you remove your shoes you won’t get them back on your swollen feet. Let’s practice in something the same height as your potential wedding shoe, if you can’t make it 45 minutes let take them back.

Take Your First Lesson Before Choosing A Package

How many lessons do you think we will need for our wedding dance? There is no magic number. We have a structured list of what we think is reasonable to complete a first dance. How you look when you dance will be based on prepared you feel and how quickly you are able to pick up the steps and count the music. Our minimum discounted dance lesson package starts at 4 lessons and goes all the way up to 20 lessons. Once our clients try the first lesson they have a better idea on what they will need or want. These decisions are not only based on ability but also budgets and time constraints. Learning how to dance well takes time and dedication.

Have A Small List of Songs

To get the best dance that suits your personality its easier to choose several songs and then try more than one dance style. We have many clients that change their song in the middle of their dance lesson. Maybe the dance style speaks more to their personality and the vibe they want to give during their first dance. Its no problem those dance lessons in the past were not a waste. Most of our dance styles in ballroom overlap so we can use skills from each ballroom dance style. I know some of you don’t have a song and it drives you crazy tying to find what song to use for your first dance. Some additional resources help you choose a song.

Practice to Look Your Best

I heard a professional dance instructor once say don’t practice in the beginning because you could pick up bad habits. What? Are you kidding me? We all have smart phones that record in HD quality. At our dance studio you can video anything you learn in your lesson and please practice at home so you rock your wedding dance.

Don’t Forget Your Parents

If you live near your folks include them in your wedding dance package. The Mother Son and Father Daughter dance are still important to your parents. If you want a shortage segment of traditional dances during the ceremony then consider selecting once song and combining your Father Daughter and Mother Son dances. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban is a great song to a combined parent dance. Living in Chicago and want to learn more about the dance styles. Check out our page on the Mother Son Dance Lessons or Father Daughter Dance Lessons.

We hope you enjoyed our article “Instructive Tips By Wedding Dance Professionals.” If you are interested in more news regarding wedding dance check out some of our blog page.

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