The First Dance

Your River North, West Loop, South Loop, Lincoln Park Wedding Dance Specialist are right here in Chicago around the corner. If you are a soon to be bride or groom in 2014 you know how the time flies. By the time you commute to work, commute home, work out, and eat it’s almost time for bed. All the wedding planning and running around can be time-consuming, and lets face it, just exhausting. I can’t say that planning for a wedding is awesome. What I can say is preparing for your First Dance is a great way to stop the madness, take a break, and just focus on something fun. I met a soon to be bride several years ago who scheduled an emergency wedding dance lesson the day before her wedding. She said it was the only thing that made her calm. It was her yoga.

If you are like most couples you have split up the duties and gentlemen, scheduling the dance lessons is an easy one. You can’t screw this one up. You don’t have to pick out colors etc……. So how do you go about finding the right spot. I am a big advocate of customer service, convenience, and location of course. Windy City Wedding Dance staff are wedding dance specialist who create memorable experiences on the dance floor. Each dance is customized to the couple and their unique wedding dance song. Our staff listens and collaborates to make the first dance your own. If finding a River North Wedding Dance Specialist has been allocated to your task list don’t hesitate to reach out. We feel confident that we can help you on and off the dance floor. If for some reason we can’t be your wedding specialist we will make a recommendation to someone we know and trust.

When should I start my wedding dance lessons? This is a great question and it is absolutely different for every wedding couple. My recommendation is to call us at 312-725-4198 or email us at Timing is key and we want to allow you enough time to accommodate unexpected events that pop up in your life. We have questions for you that will help our recommendation for an estimated start date. These questions include the following, but are not limited to: what is your wedding date, have you chosen a song, and what is your song. It’s alright if you haven’t chosen a song we can help with that.

Just remember The First Dance should be one of the highlights of your wedding planning. We offer a special introductory 45 minute wedding lesson. Come try us out for a fun date night.  For more information about Windy City Wedding Dance click on Wedding Dance Specialist

Lastly ladies as an engaged bride to be I understand all the things on your plate. I have recently started a google plus community page called Chicago Weddings. I wanted to create a community where brides and grooms can share information and recommendations. If you are interested Click Here to join and I will approve. Start sharing your experiences with photographers, wedding planners, venues, and etc……

Congrats and I can’t wait to meet you in person.

First Dance