First Dance But Not My Last Dance

A typical day at Windy City Wedding Dance includes educating engaged couples about the First Dance. Although all of our clients have their own unique personality, they all come in with a goal in mind. Our job is to help them learn how to dance. The number #1 wish for our couples is they leave with confidence and overcome their fears or perceptions about dancing. We want them to say “It’s First Dance But Not My Last Dance.”

Comments Before The First Dance Lesson

1. I have no rhythm.

2. I have 2 left feet.

3. I am only doing this because of the wedding.

4. I do not want to look like our friends did this past summer.

5. We want to do more than sway back and forth.

6. We would like to surprise our friends and family.

7. I just can’t dance.

8. I’m uncoordinated, you’ll see.

9. I want to surprise my fiancé.

10. We have 6 weddings to attend this summer.

Comments After The Wedding Dance Lessons

1. Surprisingly that was enjoyable.

2. We are thinking about continuing to dance after the wedding.

3. Our guests are going to be so surprised.

4. I never thought I would be able to dance.

5. I am going to get her more dance lessons as a wedding gift.

6. This was actually my favorite wedding activity.

7. I am so glad we agreed to take the dance lessons.

8. My mom said that this was the best money she invested in the wedding.

9. Dancing wasn’t as hard as I had imagined.

10. We are recommending that all of our friends come here.

Dancing is a great way to express love between two people. Not only can you prepare for your First Dance by taking private dance lessons, we also offer additional lessons to help prepare you for the mother son and the father daughter dance.

Dancing has many positive outcomes. Getting started is the toughest part. Take a leap of faith and try an introductory private dance lesson if you are just not sure. If you don’t like it, then just don’t buy the next package. The introductory wedding dance lesson is perfect way to try a dance lesson without having to commit. To help our clients get ready for their wedding dance, we educate and consult them with a customized dance package that works for their schedule, budget, and goals. We listen to the song they have chosen for their First Dance and help show them the various dance styles that can be used for their song. To get started at Windy City Wedding Dance email us at info@windycityweddingdance or call us at 312-725-4198.

For more information about our packages click here.

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