Wedding Dance Do’s and Don’ts

Ok this one is for all my newly engaged couples. Our wedding clients have a lot to say when they walk in the door. Most of the time one person in the relationship will say this, “Please do not let me look like that wedding couple from last weekend during their first dance.” Then I always proceed to ask them what they liked and what they didn’t like about their First Dance. So Windy City Wedding Dance has a put a list together to help you be the best you can be for your wedding dance.



1. Never walk into the dance studio last-minute expecting miracles.

Ballroom dance is like any sport. It needs attention, practice, and appreciation. Waiting last-minute will only add stress and creates obstacles for your already jam-packed schedule. For best results you must create muscle memory through your dance lessons and practice schedule. Taking ballroom dance lessons before your wedding will ease your fears and help prepare you for your wedding day.

2. Ladies don’t lead your men, it makes him feel like less of a man.

You thought you would be sneaky and just lead him or try to help him. Believe it or not, it just makes it worse! It’s better if he is in charge. For 98% of our dances the lady is always headed backwards. It’s much easier for the gentleman to guide his lady out of harms way. Ladies I know he can’t hear the music, but if you keep doing it for him then he never has to try. Not only do we learn through our wedding dance lessons how to move together, we also learn how to count music.

3. Don’t schedule 1 wedding dance lesson thinking that’s all you need.

We thought we would schedule 1 dance lesson before our wedding. Are you crazy? That’s only 45 minutes and it’s just not enough time to get the job done in one lesson. By the time we get through day one, we are just learning one basic pattern. It takes a total of 5 or more lessons to get a very simple wedding dance.

4. Never wear flip-flops

Would you take a run in a pair of flip-flops? Dancing is a physical activity and you need to protect your feet. In the beginning our foot placement may need some extra attention. There is also no arch support in flip-flops. For ladies we sometimes need a swiveling action and this is just impossible in flip-flops. Protect your toes from getting stepped on by wearing a close toed shoe or something with support. Find a shoe more appropriate for dance class.

5. Don’t wait to break in your wedding shoes.

Ok ladies those wedding shoes aren’t going to dance themselves! Sometimes we may decide to change shoes for the first dance. Just because our shoes look good doesn’t mean they feel good. Give yourself time to find the right option. Your feet will thank you later.

6. Don’t get mad at him or he will never take another dance class with you after the wedding.

It is not polite to critique your partner, let the teacher be the referee. If you need more of something from your partner communicate in a polite way. After all, he agreed to come and participate which scared the living day lights out of him. Don’t make him regret his decision. Lastly if you let him spread his wings and grow each week, he will love it! The next time you ask him to join you for a dance class, he will say yes.

7. Don’t count your steps during your first dance everyone can see you.

In ballroom dance we can count with numbers and quicks and slows, but we shouldn’t see your mouth moving during your dance. If you take enough dance lessons it will come naturally to you and you won’t even have to think about counting the music.

8. Don’t stare at the floor.

Pick your head up child. Get those eyes on the prize. When we look down our entire frame falls to pieces. The more you look up the more the follow can feel the lead and see the lead. The lead becomes much easier when you keep your head up. Remember the floor will always be there.

9. Don’t forget to smile.

Please smile if nothing else. Your goal will be to dance and have a conversation at the same time. Smiling and giggling throughout your first dance creates a memorable experience for you and your guest.

10.Don’t forget about the Father Daughter or Mother Son Dance.

Don’t assume you should wing this. You may not need as many dance lessons, but you need to coordinate something with your patents to have a game plan in place . Ask your dance instructor for help.



1. Schedule early and often to be prepared for your first dance.

Schedule all your lessons in advance so you stick with your commitment. Find the best times and stick with it. Coming the same time and day every week is the best way to schedule creating a habit. During wedding season the hot spots after work go the quickest. Think strategically and get in early.

2. Gentleman learn to be a good lead.

By learning to lead she will stop trying to push you around on the dance floor. Every woman loves a man who can dance. By focusing on your lead you are setting yourself up for a great wedding dance.

3. Do schedule between 6 and 10 lessons to be comfortable on the dance floor.

Ok let’s get real 6 dance lessons is only 4.5 hours. That’s nothing. We are just asking for 4.5 hours of your time to teach you how to dance. Our dance instruction will not only prepare you for your first dance but also how to dance in social settings.

4. Practice in your wedding dance shoes or shoes that are the same height.

Height matters when we are talking about shoes. Practice with the same height for top-notch results!

5. Compliment your loved one when they do something great.

By encouraging your partner and rewarding good behavior, it relaxes you both and makes dancing fun. Positive energy is contagious and will flow through the both of you. You should be happy while you are dancing.

6. Smile during the entire dance.

Smile that’s it!

7. Find a shoe that comfortable not only for your dance but the entire day.

Shoes matter and so do your feet!

8. Practice your dance outside the studio.

Practice will create confidence and muscle memory. The more you practice the more you can focus on each other instead of the steps.

9. Focus on lead and follow.

Are you dancing steps or are you dancing together? By focusing on your lead follow you will become better dancers and will flow as one.

10. Schedule a dinner date after your lesson.

Make it fun and reward yourself with an awesome dinner after your wedding dance lesson.




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