How to Ballroom Dance in Chicago

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Researching Ballroom Dance Lessons

Did you Google ballroom dance lessons, dance lessons, or wedding dance lessons? Well, so did I years ago. So now that you have googled dance classes and have come up with a few choices for dance lessons studios in Chicago, what is the next step to start ballroom dancing. I like to call it the interview process. I now own a Ballroom Dance studio at 410 Michigan Ave, Windy City Wedding Dance. I started off as a ballroom dance student in Chicago and attended several popular studio’s in the area. The first key is how you are treated on the phone or via email correspondence. Did the dance studio get back to you or service you in a reasonable time frame? I always felt like when I did research for dance lessons in Chicago, I could never get someone on the phone. There were several times where I walked into a studio on Michigan Ave and the doors were locked. I was curious as to why they weren’t open. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that most of the ballroom dancing takes place in the evenings. If you feel like you had a good customer experience over the phone then you should move forward and take an introductory private ballroom dance lesson. This is a time when you get a feel for the environment, learn the area, and see if you like ballroom dancing. During a traditional introductory private dance lesson the dance studio should be trying to get a feel for your over all goals and see how they can help build a plan together to achieve your goals. In most introductory private dance lessons, the students should experience the basics and fundamentals of 2 to 3 dances. At the end of the lesson the students should be introduced to pricing and discounted packages. Initial scheduling takes place at the end of the first lesson for any future dates. Scheduling your dance lessons is the most important part of the process. How many times have you purchased a groupon, special deal, or a monthly gym pass. The problem with starting a new hobby is accountability.When many of us don’t have scheduled appointments, we have a tough time staying motivated to stick with something. Scheduling your dance lessons in advance is the best way to stick with your new plan.

Read Ballroom Dance Studio Reviews

With technology at our fingertips consumers now have a lot of useful information before making any purchasing decisions. Consumers can now gain information through GOOGLE REVIEWS, YELP, THE KNOT and more. As a rule of thumb make sure you also looking at the filtered reviews for companies. For instance we have (18) FIVE STAR REVIEWS and 17 are filtered. The reviews are so important and paint a picture for our consumers. When is the last time you wrote a review for a company who rocked your world? Consumer reviews are a great way to show your appreciation for a business and your customer service experience.

Social Ballroom Dance Lessons

If you are heading to special events such as weddings, galas, anniversary’s, or parties with dancing you may be interested in trying to learn social ballroom dancing. Taking dance classes is a great way to learn to hear rhythms in music. Dancing is mostly weight change on specific counts of music. In ballroom dance one person is responsible for leading and the other following. Learning to lead is a fun challenge and requires concentration, practice, balance, patience, and muscle memory. Ballroom dancing is definitely known for creating laughter and smiles. Your cheeks should be hurting by the end of the dance lesson. Social ballroom dance styles include Salsa dancing and Swing Dancing. You can take Salsa dance lessons with a partner or you can come in by yourself. The social Salsa dance scene in Chicago is exciting and there are a variety of places scattered throughout Chicago where you can put your dance skills to the test. Swing dancing is also a popular social dance style. You can also take Swing dance lessons with a partner or by your self.

Wedding Dance Lessons

We specialize in ballroom dance. We are Chicago’s best dance studio for Wedding Dance Lessons. At Windy City Wedding Dance we think the First Dance is the most important part of the wedding. We prepare you be asking all the details about your wedding up front. What kind of ballroom dance lessons are you looking for? Are you getting married this year or next. It’s never to late or to early to start.  We prepare our students for specials events and occasions focusing on couples dancing. We love what we do and we are located on Michigan Ave with an amazing view of Grant Park. To ballroom dance lessons with someone special is an opportunity of a life time. You get to share an intimate moment on the dance floors and you tell your love story through the art of dance, smiles, and laughter.

How To Ballroom Dance In Chicago


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