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You can take dance lessons in one of our 3 locations in Chicago or Aurora. We offer private dance lessons and dance classes for a variety of ballroom dance styles. Ever thought about Salsa dance lessons or Swing dance lessons? Although we specialize in wedding dance lessons, we are ballroom dance instructors who just love sharing our passion for dance. Taking Dance Lessons at Windy City Wedding Dance will prepare you for your first dance, social dance events, or competitions. We have a very supportive dance community who will welcome you with open arms. We offer ballroom dance lessons for singles and couples.  If you want to try an introductory dance lesson, don’t be afraid to ask. We want to accommodate our clients with amazing customer service and quality dance lessons. Did you see a video somewhere with your vision? Bring in the website or video on your phone. Let us help you make your day special and customized to your vision. We do offer dance lessons for all ages so don’t be afraid to get the kids involved. They spend the most time on the dance floor. You can split your packages to cover multiple types of dance lessons. You can work on your First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, Social Ballroom Dance or Competition Style Dance. So come on lets dance Chicago. Are you a couple who is tired of sitting down at weddings while everyone else is dancing? We are instructors of Latin and Ballroom dance and we can certainly prepare you for the next wedding you attend. Contact us to find out more about Dance Lessons.

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(Your credit card is only securing your lesson and will not be charged unless you NO SHOW. Official payment is collected on the first dance lesson.

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