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Wedding Dance Couple Danielle and Patrick Dancing at their Wedding

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Types of Dance Lessons

Wedding Couple Dance

 Wedding Couple Dance lessons at Windy City Wedding Dance are a wonderful way to make time for each other leading up to your big day. Our flexible scheduling and locations makes it easier to work around your schedule. We can customize and choreograph a routine for your first wedding dance. For those wedding couples who want to go all out on the dance floor leave it to us. Others may just want some general dance moves to feel more comfortable in their partners arms. Ask your instructor to take some video so you can practice at home together. Make practicing fun and romantic. This may entail moving some furniture. Tell us your vision and let us make your dreams come true for your first wedding dance.

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Father Daughter Dance

 Don’t count your father out he has been secretly waiting for this day. He told you he was cool but you never believed him. At Windy City Wedding Dance, Father Daughter Dance Lessons are gaining steam. Bring dad in for a few dance lessons. Maybe you didn’t know but dad had some moves back in his day and he was born to perform. Pick your favorite song and lets boogie down. Make it a surprise and a major highlight for all the guest. Combine songs together or just pick an old favorite. Scheduling at Windy City Wedding Dance is easy and convenient. 

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Mother Son Dance

 At Windy City Wedding Dance we offer a number of options. Mother Son Dance Lessons are just as important. For all you gentlemen out their don’t forget about mom, or you will never hear the end of it. This is a tough day for her and she would love the opportunity to take a few lessons and prepare for the big day. Feel free to ask for a customized package to include your future bride, the bride’s father, and of course your mother. Even better get both of your parents in for a dance lesson. 

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Wedding Party Dance

 Wedding Party Dance Lessons are available at Windy City Wedding Dance. Did you go to a wedding this summer and watch the entire wedding party boogie down? Flash mobs and wedding party routines are a great way to create an unforgettable experience that will keep your guests talking for days. Bring in the wedding party for a specialized routine or an entire side of the family. We can customize a dance for all ages and fitness types. Everyone loves a good party.

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Single Ballroom Dance

 Is your schedule preventing you from being able to come in as often as you like. Pay as you go for your dance lessons. Book single ballroom dance lessons today. All dance lessons are 45 minutes long. Some schools you make you purchase dance lessons in bulk. It can be an investment that you may not be ready to make in your dancing. We want your dancing to be a hobby that is stress free. This is a great option for people who travel for work in consulting roles and students who work rotating shifts or attend school with changing schedules. A single lesson purchase can be made on site with our convenient payment system. 

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Introductory Private Lesson

 The Introductory Private Lesson is for beginner level singles or couples who are interested in learning ballroom dance for the first time. The introductory private dance lesson is a great way for potential clients to interview the instructor, location, and their experience. During the lesson the dance instructor will cover 2 to 3 different dance styles. The Introductory private dance lesson shows the client the basic fundamentals of ballroom dance giving them a taste of what’s in store. 

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Bachelorette Parties

 Bachelorette Parties can be stressful and overwhelming but not at Windy City Wedding Dance. Winter or summer we can help plan the best Bachelorette Parties. If you are the made of honor, we have just the thing for you. At Windy City Wedding Dance you can bring the entire group in for a private group dance lesson. Let Windy City Wedding Dance help you plan and arrange catering for your guests by bringing in local unique Chicago style cuisine to feed your guests.

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Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

We are Chicago’s number 1 spot for Wedding Dance Lessons. Our Chicago Wedding Dance Specialists will prepare you for your first dance. We offer dance lessons for singles, groups, and couples. If you want to try something you don’t see listed here, don’t be afraid to ask. We want to accommodate our clients and may be able to service your needs if possible. Lets get everyone dancing at your wedding. Did you see a video somewhere with your vision? Bring in the website or video on your phone. Let us help you make your day special and customized to your vision. We do offer dance lessons for all ages so don’t be afraid to get the kids involved. They spend the most time on the dance floor. You can split your packages to cover multiple types of dance lessons. You can work on your first dance, Father Daughter dance, and  Mother Son dance. Here are a just a few dance lessons we offer.

Group Classes

Group Classes at Windy City Wedding Dance are a wonderful way to meet new people. We offer both Ballroom and Salsa Dance Classes. Come right after work. We offer classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Looking to share something fun with your friends. Sign up for the next session. Our groups classes are 4 weeks long and we rotate during the duration of the class. We find that our students learn much quicker and it gives everyone a chance to dance with eachother. If you feel like group classes may not be the right choice for you, then try a private dance lesson

Beginner Ballroom
$604 Classes Per Month
  • No Partner Required
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Learn a New Dance Each Week
  • Beginner Level No Experience Required
Beginner Salsa
$604 Classes Per Month
  • No Partner Required
  • Progessive Course
  • Beginner Level No Experience Required

Group Dance Class & Event Calendar


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What makes us different? Each and everyone of us have shared careers in corporate and have a true appreciation for finding a career in something we can hardly call work. Each and everyday we share laughter and joy with our clients as they prepare for their First Dance. Our Chicago Dance Instructors Jessica Mays and Alesha Bales still train weekly under Blackpool World Champion Tommye Giacchino, and still compete and perform at events in Chicago. The Dance Instructors here at Windy City Wedding Dance are trained under the National Dance Council of America dance standards and DVIDA syllabus. All Dance Instructors are required to train weekly to ensure they keep up with their dance and teaching knowledge.

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Tommye is an excellent dancer and instructor with many years of experience. Her co-instructors, Jessica and Alesha, “know their stuff,” and they’re committed to making their students look and feel good when dancing. Dancers of all levels will enjoy themselves and will learn as much as they want.
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Rating: 5

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Joe and Tanya’s Wedding Dance Performed Live In Chicago

Performing an American Waltz just weeks after their wedding in October of 2015. Joe and Tanya have now been dancing for just a few months and have big plans for their new exciting hobby. So far they have studied American Style Foxtrot and Waltz. Taking ballroom dance lessons was an exciting highlight for them during the wedding. They stepped up to the plate and performed their dance live at the Studebaker Ballroom Broadway Show on October 18th, 2015. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Joe and Tanya.

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