Who Is The Boss in Your Wedding Dance


Attention all back seat drivers please report to the front of the class room. If you haven’t heard the reference back seat driver then let’s go in to detail. A back seat driver is someone who is telling you how to drive from the passenger seat. Although in some cases back seat drivers are necessary lets not ignore the fact they cause a lot of accidents and scare drivers half to death most of the time.

How does this relate to your wedding dance? Well the lead is the driver on the dance floor. With same-sex couples we need to choose a lead and a follow. The follow is considered the passenger on the dance floor. If we establish our clear roles from the beginning, we can avoid possible crashes. We know its hard for you follows to give up your control, but just give us a chance to teach these leads how to lead.

Many of us in the ballroom dance business refer to dancing as having a conversation on the dance floor without words. We have visual cues that help follows stick with the game plan. This only works if our follows are making sure to keep their heads up and look at their partner in the eyes. Secondly we have some physical components for the lead to use in order to initiative different dance patterns.


During our dance lessons at Windy City Wedding Dance we introduce leading skills early on in the lessons so our couples can navigate their wedding dance floor with no issues. Starting with the feet, we introduce the figures showing steps first. After demonstrating both the lead and follows steps, we talk about the elements of the lead.  We implement the hand gestures and visual cues needed to execute the dance pattern. Next we try the pattern together as a couple. Lastly we turn on the music and boogie down.

By following these guidelines and teaching methods our couples learn how to dance, not just choreography. We strongly believe our students should walk out with a skill they can use into the future. Our clients attend many weddings over the summer and can use the skills they have picked for their first dance at other weddings, black tie events, and back yard bbq’s. The most common wedding dances we teach are Foxtrot, Rumba, Night Club 2 Step, Salsa, Swing, and Waltz. Other dance styles we teach include, hustle, west coast swing, argentine tango, quick step, lindy hop, bolero, paso doble, and more.

So follows let you lead be in control and take you on smooth ride across the dance floor. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the dance.

If you would like to learn more about Windy City Wedding Dance and how to prepare for your first dance please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have multiple locations in Chicago. You can find us teaching in our downtown location 7 days a week on Michigan Avenue. Our wedding dance studio is located in the Fine Arts Building, one of Chicago’s most loved buildings for artists.Image of Who is the Boss in Your Wedding Dance

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