Waltz in Chicago Making a Comeback Thank You “La La Land”

“La La Land”

Image of Waltz Making Comeback La La Land

Dance studios across Chicago are riding the wave thanks to the movie “La La Land.” One local dance studio is having a “La La Land” themed inspired party encouraging clients to wear vintage dresses. Another local dance studio was featured in a news piece that showcased the studio teaching dance steps that were used in the recent award-winning musical. When scrolling through Facebook we came across a local studio that set up a backdrop scene from the movie where you can take your photo next to a lamp-post under the stars, which was a major scene in the movie.

It’s no coincidence our dance school is experiencing a recent surge in Waltz requests. The “La La Land” phenomenon is still a highlight flowing through Windy City Wedding Dance. After the launch of the movie we had wedding dance couples requesting to change their song and dance style. The main song from the musical, requested by couples, is a style of Waltz. We anticipate this musical continuing its popularity across Weddings in 2017.

There are two styles of Waltz which have significant differences, yet share some of the same steps. The main difference is speed. One style is referred to as a Waltz and the other is a Viennese Waltz. Waltz is a traditional folk dance style with a German heritage. The Waltz gained popularity in Vienna, Austria in the late 1700’s. The dance began to spread across Europe over the following years and eventually made its way to the U.S.

Waltz music is often written in 3/4 timing. Most waltz music doesn’t include lyrics or vocals just beautiful instruments that fill the room. Does learning how to Waltz interest you? Our beginner ballroom dance class features the American Style Waltz. This class is compiled of a group of students who attend four weeks of classes that meet once a week. Each week they learn a new dance. You can also learn how to Waltz in our private dance lessons.

Windy City Wedding Dance is a full service ballroom dance school located in downtown Chicago that specializes in wedding dance. Do you know someone interested in learning how to dance?