Many of our clients are just like you and may not have a special song picked out for their first dance. Our clients are always looking for recommendations. When you team up with your wedding dance coach, you can collaborate or eliminate certain styles of music based on the feel, your opinion, and even the mood at your wedding dance. Some advice is listed below on how to select your wedding dance song 2016


How To Select Your Wedding Dance Song 2016

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  • Step 1.

Schedule a dance lesson with your local Chicago dance studio for an introductory dance lesson. Let the dancing speak for its self. Typically in an introductory dance lesson the dance teacher will cover the basic steps of several dance styles. If you and your fiancé find yourselves leaning towards a specific dance style, now you have a start! Ballroom dance lessons are a great way to spend time together all while learning how to dance.

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  • Step 2.

Check out our blog pages at Windy City Wedding Dance. From time to time we update lists with our favorite songs that seem to make a splash. We list everything from the top selected wedding dance songs by Chicago clients to some of the best classics for a first dance. Once a quarter we update our lists and share on our website at

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  • Step 3.

Make a list and let your dance instructor check it twice. What makes a good wedding dance song? Something that make you smile from ear to ear when the music plays. If you are not having a good time on the dance floor, neither will your guests. Our wedding dance clients need to look great doing their steps but also feel great when they hear the music. The speed of the music can play a very big factor. Make sure if you dance with a live band that you are dancing to the same speed that your practiced with inside the dance studio.

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  • Step 4

Pick a song with clear percussion and rhythm so its easy to hear the beat and stay on time while you dance. Sometimes its hard for beginner level dancers to count music without clear baselines in the music. With practice and dance lessons your wedding dance instructor should be able to work with you.

Drums How to Select A Wedding Dance Song 2016

  • Step 5

Try downloading the free app tempo slow. Sometimes by adjusting the music slightly up or down can make a difference. This can make your favorite song a true success on the dance floor.

Tempo Slow How to Select A Wedding Dance Song 2016