How To Inspire Your Significant Other To Dance

I was lucky enough to get him in for the first few dance lessons but I wasn’t able to keep him inspired for more. This seems to be a theme among many couples who share dance lessons. How were you able to get them to participate in the first place? Was it a special event, a gift, or just a date night? Lets keep the momentum going.

How To Inspire Your Significant Other To Dance


Here are some helpful tips on how to inspire your significant other to dance.

EVENTS – Will you be attending a Wedding, Charity Event, Quinceanera, Bar or Bat mitz·vah, Cotillion, or a Daddy Daughter Dance that celebrates with dancing? These are great influencers to motivate someone to take dance lessons. Dancing and celebrating go hand in hand. Our recommended dance styles for these types of events include Waltz, Rumba, Hustle, and Swing. This should keep you on the dance floor all night long.

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QUALITY TIME – Are you finding it hard to set aside an activity that you can do together? Dancing is a partner based sport and you practice patience and team work all while embracing your loved one. Set aside a date night once a week and come in for dance lessons. Some dance studios allow you to bring bottles of wine. Enjoy your date night with some passionate quality time on the dance floor. Learn about counting music, different dance styles, and the history behind each dance style. If they enjoys quality time this is how to inspire your significant other to dance.


DANCE PARTIES – Most local dance studios host occasional dance parties. What’s the point of working on learning how to dance if you don’t have a place to practice what your learning? Dance parties inspire students to keep learning. Seeing other students at the party who dance at a higher level is a contributing factor and this makes us want to become better dancers. Co-students become our mentors and this is can be how to inspire your significant other to dance.


SHOWCASES – Some dance studios offer showcases. These are essentially an adult recital. Many of us need goals. Signing up to perform in front of others will definitely inspire your significant other to take dance lessons, maybe even more than 1 a week. The community inside the dance studio is very supportive. Watching your co-students perform will impress and motivate you to get better. See others dedication helps improve commitment and involvement and this may show how to inspire your significant other to dance.


COMPETITIONS – There is a big difference between showcases and competitions. Dance competitions typically take place Thursday through Sunday. Preparing for a competition will motivate serious commitment from your significant other. You’ll be thinking about dance non stop and so will your significant other. You may find him practicing or her practicing on their own.

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Need to get in some hidden fitness? Nothing is better then working up a sweat while you dance. Time flies and by the end of the dance lesson you just happen to burn some calories. Physical activity helps fight depression. If you sit at a desk all day hunched over, learning how to dance can certainly improve your posture. It helps us hold up our head and stand tall. When taking a dance partner into a dance frame it activates our core, shoulders,  arms, and back muscles. When you start to move you begin to use your legs. Dancing engages not only our bodies but also our minds. It keeps us sharp and teaches us about music, movement, and burns those calories. Depending on your diet and how much you dance you may experience weight loss and increased muscle tone. In addition to feeling better after we dance, we also notice that students start to pay more attention to other details. For example they may start fixing their hair more often or start wearing clothes that make them feel beautiful. How we feel about our self improves our self confidence and helps fight those winter blues. Many will say its always 70 and sunny in the dance studio. Expressing health benefits to your partner might be how you inspire your significant other to dance.

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