He Proposed During The Lesson

I wanted to share a story about a proposal that recently took place at Windy City Wedding Dance. Both Vaneza, our group class teacher, and myself were in on the wedding proposal conspiracy. For now we will refer to our clients as John Doe and Jane Doe.

It was several months ago that John and Jane started coming to dance class as a date night activity. They contacted Windy City Wedding Dance about trying a beginner level salsa class. They loved the class so much that they decided to continue on to the next session. After coming to weekly classes they realized that dance would be apart of their lives and their relationship.

Both John and Jane are tall, striking, kind, loving, and truly supportive of one another. During the salsa class we rotate partners but you can see the joy and passion between them each time they get a chance to dance with each other. Dancing can be a very intimate and special experience for 2 people in a relationship. We were all very excited to have them in our dancing programs.

It was 3 weeks ago that John contacted me to ask how he could propose to Jane in our dance studio. He wanted to have a private dance lesson with just her on a friday night and then he wanted to propose to her during the dance lesson. I told him I’m sure we could make this happen. So I called in our special forces division, Vaneza. Vaneza had been teaching John and Jane for the last 2 months and knew them pretty well. After John, Vaneza, and I spoke, we decided to send Jane an email telling her the salsa intermediate class had been moved to 9pm. She totally went for it having no idea what was about to happen. We had to keep a straight face and act like business as usual. Around 8pm two friends of the couple came to meet me to drop off a gift bag and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I hid them in the bathroom and John knew where they were stashed. I went ahead and set up a hidden camera so we could get the entire proposal on video. After I set up the video and made sure everything was running I left and acted as if I were done for the night.

Yesterday I received the most amazing thank you email from Jane letting me know how special that night was for her and how our dance studio will forever play a role in their lives. He proposed during the lesson and she said yes! Its days like these that make me realize that we have the best job in the world.


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