Tip of The Day

Get Your Chicago Wedding Dance on Video. Listen up all you engaged couples for 2014. Its time to think about getting your first dance on video. Even if you didn’t budget for a professional videographer to capture your wedding dance, today’s technology will allow you to get some video on a smart phone. Make sure to assign this to someone in your wedding party you trust. For all of you out there taking wedding dance lessons or dance classes to prepare for your first dance, make sure you try to capture this moment in time. Many people will tell you that your wedding day is going to fly by and its over in a minute. Some of my favorite parts of the wedding video’s are the ones that capture the reception showing all ages hitting the dance floor and breaking it down. Who knew granny had those moves?

Whomever you assign the task of filming your first dance, you should sit down, educate, and show them where you would like them to video. This is contingent upon where you will be entering the dance floor and which direction will capture your best moves. Try to have your assigned videographer in place before the music begins so you don’t feel like you are watching the Blair Witch Project.

Make sure you smile during your entire first dance. This may sound funny but you need to practice smiling. The next time you are taking your dance lesson try running though your entire dance with a smile. Will your cheeks feel exhausted? Probably a little, but the more your practice the more that feeling goes away. It’s ok to have a little conversation on the dance floor just as long as it involves giggling and I love you’s. Anything that helps you shake the nerves and makes you look more natural will be a great benefit. Ladies go ahead and thank him. You know he was dreading those dance lessons but he did it just for you. Gentlemen go ahead and tell your lady it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. Tell her you even thought it may be something you could do together as a hobby in the future for your weekly date night.

This our couple Angela and Matt who have been training for their First Dance. They are excited to continue training after their wedding and want to learn other exciting dances.




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Angela and Matt preparing for their first dance