Facts That Nobody Told You About Dance

Dancing doesn’t have to be scary or awkward. Rewind back to your first school dance. Do you remember what is was like? I don’t remember any guys going out on the floor. It was mostly just us girls dancing with one another.

Benefits of Dance

Dance Benefits

Signing up for a class might be scary at first but you might be surprised how much fun you can have. Learning how to dance can improve your posture if you stick with it and go to a class consistently.  As studies continue, new information is being released that dancing provides benefits to one’s mental health. It keeps us sharp. We see our students gain confidence. Confidence helps us fight away the downward spiral of depression.

Dancing is perfect for those winter months when we feel like staying on the couch but the physical benefits help increase our happiness and lighten our mood. There are different styles. Styles like swing can be more aerobic. This style can strengthen and condition our heart and lungs. Aerobic dance training and a disciplined dietary plan can help control weight management, reduce heart disease, and decrease our risk for diabetes. By dancing we can improve muscle tone and strength and reduce our risks of osteoporosis.

You can dance without music if you like, but you are missing out some other amazing advantages. Music relieves anxiety. By dancing to music you can relieve stress and anxiety and help fight depression. Music enhances our mood and improves sleep. 

But wait! There is more. Social interaction is part of partner dancing. Did you know social interaction can be vital to physical and mental health. Studies have shown that lonely individuals suffer more from cardiovascular problems, depression, and stress. Feeling valued by others can improve our mental health. We need one another for dancing. A support system of love is very important.

Over the past 8 years I have witness magic inside the dance studio and have watched others along with myself evolve into a better version. The energy inside the studio is magnetic and inspiring. We hope you have enjoyed this blog and you are inspired to join a dancing class or try a private lesson.

Our Studio

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