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Has anyone noticed there are more women that want to dance than men in the  sport of ballroom dance? Keep your head up and keep dancing. Your time will  come. You can find a partner. He may not look like the guy on dancing with the  stars but that’s show biz.

There are many ways to participate in ballroom dance. For some of us there  comes a time when we really want to dive into the sport and dance competitively,  but we can’t do this without a partner. There are a few different options or  roads we can take when trying to find a dance partner. You can approach your  significant other, a friend, another student, compete in the Am/Am circuit, or  you can dance in the Pro/Am division. There are also websites dedicated to  creating partnerships. Networking and staying active in the dance community is  helpful. Be vocal about your goals in dance when speaking to other professionals  in the business. They may know someone who is looking for a partnership.

If you are looking to start competing right away Pro/Am division is the  quickest option. Pro/Am is dancing in the competition with your instructor, but  can be very expensive. Leading up to the competition you have to pay for the  lessons and any accommodations for the professional that will be traveling. In  most cases you will be required to pay a Pro fee for the competition. You will  also be required to cover the cost for each entry you dance at the competition.  Am/Am circuit stands for the amateur division. The cost of the USA Dance Amateur  Division is affordable and competitive with high level dancing. You pay a  one-time fee for your yearly membership. For each competition you enter, you pay  a little over $100 and dance as many entries as you desire.

There are positives and negatives in every partnership situation. If you are  considering a partnership you must consider the financial sacrifice, patience,  hygiene, dedication, practice schedules, and chemistry. That’s a long list and  it can be tough to be on the same page at the exact same time with a  partner.

At the end of the day we can’t lose sight of why we love to dance. Why do we  dance? It makes us smile. It gives us joy. It gives us something to look forward  to after work. It allows us to spend time with loved ones or people we just  respect. Despite what the occasion is, working towards achieving a goal gives us  a purpose.

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