They say time flies when you’re having fun! Moving into our 3rd year on Michigan Avenue seems surreal but here we are and I wanted to thank some special people who help keep the dream alive each and every day. We our celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary Michigan Avenue.


It all started at the Green Elephant when my good buddy and counter part Alesha was sitting next to me and we were drinking a beer. Unfortunately at the time we were about to lose our jobs so we were shedding tears in our beers. I then asked her how do you buy a URL. She whipped out her MAC Book Pro, and voila she taught me how to buy a domain name. Windy City Wedding Dance was born.


Thanks to best buddy Tommye Giacchino, Alesha and many of us others already been given the skills and knowledge to teach. Tommye a world champion ballroom dancer, professional instructor and national judge just happen to be our coach and best friend. Tommye, who is a seasoned dance master, continues to stand by us and now teaches clients right along our side at 410 S Michigan Avenue. It’s an honor to have her in our space and she brings light, happiness, and excitement into the studio every time she walks in.


A special thanks to the Manager Blake Biggerstaff for giving us shot and going to bat to get us in the one of the most desirable spots in the building facing Michigan Ave. Since, we have been able to utilize the building’s Studebaker Theater, a hidden gem from the late 1800’s. The Studebaker Theater has been in restoration since 2014 and just recently hosted Riccardo Mutti and Chicago Symphony Orchestra as a benefit to the Chicago Food Depository thanks to owner Robert B Berger for opening his arms to the community. Windy City Wedding Dance debuted as the first company to use the Studebaker Theaters box office for the Studebaker Ballroom Broadway Show.


A special thanks to Tommye Giacchino, Vaneza Perez, Alesha Bales, Polina Dencheva, Godiva Gaultier, Lyle Zerkin, Alex Nashev, Igor Afonkin, Rodolfo Blanquicette, Uttara Vaidya and Joey Rohde. Each and every one of these unique and loving instructors give their time to cients for the love of dance. They have been apart of our history and have contributed to our community. We do what we love and we couldn’t see it any other way.

An image of Alesha Tommye and Jessica

Dance Class Teachers at Windy City Wedding Dance

2014 Spring Showcase

Ballroom Dance Competition in Chicago




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