Wedding Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Where do we even start? Many couples that start wedding planning are relying on friends and referrals to help make big decisions. With an enormous numbers of vendors, how can anyone possibly choose? Have you read a wedding vendor horror story about wedding planners disappearing? Did your venue get double booked? Is your caterer no longer in business. We’ve read numerous stories where wedding couples have lost their money with no refund. Couples must be very careful before writing checks and turning over large sums of money. Friends and referrals are the best way to check and make sure your choosing safe vendors. Check out reviews on the Knot, Yelp, and Goolge Plus before putting your money on the line.

Windy City Wedding Dance Main Image Wedding Stats that Will Blow Your Mind

Our past experiences at other people’s weddings always help us think about the things we definitely don’t want. Attending weddings, especially while your engaged, truly gets your creativity flowing. DIY tasks can help save many dollars, but only if you have the time. This would be a great option for a couple who already lives in a big house with extra rooms to store your DIY wedding projects, but lets face it, not much of an option for Chicago residents who live in studio’s and 1 bedroom apartments.

The Information You Need Before Making Big Wedding Money Decisions

So whats the rest of the USA spending on their wedding? Well check out these stats below. These stats are based on approximately 2820 counties across the United States. Drum roll please! Looks like on average couples are spending $26,444.00 dollars on their wedding. The average number of guests in the US for a wedding come in between 127 -137.

Windy City Wedding Dance Stats that will blow your mind


So lets compare our Chicago Cook County spending habits Vs. average in the USA. Are we keeping up with the Jones’s or are we beating everyone else? Weddings in Chicago can get certainly break the bank if you’re not careful. Well looks like we are number 3 in the USA for number of weddings per year. Not to shabby! Our average wedding cost is $28,318. This is not too terribly high compared to the average number in the USA. We must be paying for these extra guests. Our average number of guest spike up between 180 to 190 compare to around 137 for the national average. Food and beverage costs must cover all those guests.

WIndy City Wedding Dance Cook County Wedding Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


Lets look at the burbs and how they contribute to the overall spending for weddings in the US. Many people take their weddings to the suburbs to get more bang for their buck. Downtown weddings are tough to come by. Everyone is aiming for the same dates and to reserve your wedding at a fancy ballroom can come with a very large price tag. Looks like the numbers go up for the Metropolitan Areas. Average wedding cost jumps up another 2k, but the guest list is creeping up as well.

Image of  Chicago Metropolitan Wedding Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


After looking at the overall stats it appears as if number of guest is the tipping factor. If you need to stay within a specific budget and have to cut costs, then it looks like the quickest way is to trim the guest list. Weddings are about celebrating but going overboard can cause a lot of future money stress.


This is where we come in. We are Windy City Wedding Dance, Chicago’s number #1 wedding dance specialist. Are wedding dance lessons a must have? No they are not, but the benefits are residual. You can’t take the band home with you, you likely won’t wear your dress again, but you can watch your first dance on video. Not only can you watch it, you can go to other weddings and boogie down. It’s not only about weddings though. Will you be attending a black tie event with live music and dancing? We not only prepare you for your first dance, but we teach how to dance for all special occasions.

Our role in the wedding industry is different. Our prices are lower for wedding couples. We are polar opposite of many in the wedding industry. We understand and bend over backwards for our clients. Our customer service is second to none. We teach morning, noon, and night and we make sure our couples are ready for their big day.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on Wedding Stats That Will Blow Your Mind.


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