Have you ever contacted a dance studio to take some ballroom dance lessons? Years ago when I moved to Chicago, I did the same thing. I went to a very popular franchise in the area and I was assigned a very tall handsome instructor. He made the dancing seem so easy. For the first time I felt like a small dainty woman. I am at least 5 ft 9 and with heels on I seem like a giant to most. Each week I would come back for my lessons and I would find myself wanting to take more and more. My instructor continued to make the dancing fun and I grew to admire him as an artist but nothing more. Soon after I had entered a dance competition investing thousands of dollars into my new hobby. My dance instructor completed the competition and poof he vanished off the map. I had to find out during my next lesson that he would no longer be teaching there. Was he fired? Did he quit? What happened to my 6 ft 4 prince? I just invested thousands into our dance future? These are the kind of thoughts that will go through your head when you experience a drifting artist who can’t stay put. Who’s fault was it? Was the studio not paying him enough? I just dropped all this money! Was he really a flake? Well I hate to say it but probably both!

What inspires each of us to ballroom dance is very different. Ok, so I was heart-broken and needed a few days to heal, but deep down I had to ask myself a very important question. Am I having an affair with ballroom dance? The answer was yes. Yes yes I am in love with ballroom dance and I must continue. I need ballroom dance lessons to help fuel my fire. So I was transferred over to yet another handsome polite dance instructor. Oh wow, this one was so genuinely sweet. He was a great dresser and he was professionally trained in ballet, before he transitioned into ballroom dance. I was able to take lessons with him for 3 weeks and then poof. Where did my second prince go? Well he moved to Florida to continue his career. In the mean time, I thought maybe I would apply to become a dance teacher at the studio, but I never received a call about my application. I was then transitioned over to a 3rd instructor. I could go on and on but the 3rd one no showed me a few times and I knew ethically, it wasn’t fair for me to keep spending $135.00 a lesson and have no consistency in my training. So I put on my sweat pants and bought a tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream.

After my 3 to 4 month break, I started researching. I needed to find a cost-effective way to full fill my passion for ballroom dance. Where can I take ballroom dance lessons in Chicago to become a better dancer without having to take out a second mortgage on my home? After hours of research I came across a name, Tommye Giacchino. I read her bio which is very impressive. She had a teacher training program, 4 hours a week, and the cost was a perfect match for my budget. This was my chance to become a better dancer. I can take ballroom dance lessons 4 times a week right here in Chicago. We studied numerous dances for hours and hours and danced with our classmates. Most of us were girls, so we danced with each other. The bond among us classmates was unbreakable. We struggled and succeeded together taking test after test. So who teaches ballroom dance lessons? I want to talk about a few of my class mates. Meet Uttara, a corporate professional with an IT background, who studied dance for years in India. Meet Vanessa, a mother, fitness instructor, and ballroom dance teacher. Lastly, I came from one of the largest CPG companies in the world and now I am a ballroom dance instructor and entrepreneur.

So would you ever consider taking ballroom dance lessons or classes? We offer salsa and ballroom dance styles. We all love what we do and we all teach together at 410 S Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60605. Come check out our ballroom dance studio, Windy City Wedding Dance.


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