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Need Help Picking The Song For Your First Dance In Chicago

By Jessica Mays 1.19.14

Wow people are really stepping it up these days with the first dance. Choosing a song can be a challenge for Wedding Couples. I thought it may be fun to go back in time and reminisce about some of my friends, family, and clients song selections. So what is the common theme among these wedding dance songs. The song each wedding couple chose had some sort of significance and meaning. That’s what matters most. Make it your own and ask your dance instructor for their thoughts. With collaboration you can come up with something magical together. Here are a few songs from over the years.

Heather and John – Allison Krause When You Say Nothing At All

Robbie and Kim – Brian Adams Anything  I Do It For You

Brett and Matt – Rascal Flats Broken Rode

Mandy and Rodrigo –  Michael Jackson Thriller

Jenny and Matt – God Father Sound Track – God Father Waltz

Tim and Sue- Signed Seal Delivered

Keri and Jason – A Foggy Day by Michael Buble

Amy and David – Summertime

Michelle and Chris – Shinning Star

Rayn and Alex –  Phil Collins Follow Me I Will Follow You

Annie and Fidel – Come What May Moulin Rouge Sound Track

If you are thinking this list is very diverse you’re right. Some songs tend to be a little trickier than others so it safe to bring a couple of songs with you. You can learn the basics and fundamentals of a couple of dances. Choose the song that goes with your favorite dance.


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