Interview with Ballroom Dance Studios Chicago

Have you noticed instability and low retention among the ballroom instructor and customer service staff at your dance studio? Why has everyone left? No really why are there so many new faces? Caution watch out. Where did these new instructors get their training? Make sure you are asking the right questions before you make your next purchase.

As a consumer I became very frustrated and felt burned after experiencing 3 new instructors in such a short amount of time. Every time there was an instructor change there was a transition time associated with the change. I was paying the price so the new instructor could get caught up. Because of poor management and low employee retention I was left holding a very large bill and  I had enough. How is that fair?

When I attended this year’s 2014 Digital Marketing Association Conference it made me realize that consumers have more information than ever. Reviews are a great way to scout out business and see what’s going on as a consumer. I have personally noticed a trend when there is a change in ownership. New owners who are unfamiliar with the business and have never had a back ground in ballroom may be likely to make critical decisions that impact the industry and leave a negative taste in the consumer’s mouth. It’s your money make sure you are getting the service you deserve. You should leave excited, inspired, and embraced by every staff member.

So what happened next for me? I quit for 6 months and after sulking and missing ballroom dance, I started researching my options in Chicago. I trained under Tommye Giacchino for 1.5 years in her Ballroom University Program under the DIVIDA Teaching Syllabus. In 2013 I launched a ballroom dance business who services all levels of students. I try to think of all things that I didn’t like as a consumer and make sure that the students are getting everything and more. I still train under Tommye Giacchino and see her every week. You can find us weekly in the South Loop, West Loop, and Lincoln Park every week.

So in summary I think it’s important that you are in a stable atmosphere where you feel comfortable and you are experiencing amazing customer service and great instruction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It may save you a lot of money in the end. Make sure you are interviewing your next ballroom dance studio before taking the next step.