Couples from all over Chicago are coming into Windy City Wedding Dance to prepare for their first dance. One of our famous couples this year came to us in May to prepare for their first dance with a fantastic Michael Jackson song.

I’ll never forget when Claudia called us. She said that she knew they didn’t have much time, but they really want to have a fun wedding dance to their favorite song, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” I let her know that we could teach her some ballroom dance lessons to get ready for her wedding dance and that we just needed to get her scheduled right away.

Michael and Claudia came in the next day for their first dance class. During the dance lesson we worked on the basics and fundamentals of swing dance. Claudia, a former cheerleader, just loved it right from the beginning. After several lessons both Michael and Claudia were really getting the hang of this ballroom dance thing.

For several weeks they came in religiously and even practiced in their spare time. Claudia and Michael were having a larger wedding at the Waldorf Astoria and really wanted to impress their friends and family. She meant to sign up for wedding dance lessons months ago, but time just kept slipping away.

Once they completed their wedding dance lessons they went on to perform the dance of a life time.   Soon after I caught the video on a facebook clip and I screamed with joy. I was such a proud teacher and wanted to show the world what they were able to do with a little hard work and dedication. I hope they are able to take ballroom dance together in their future. They are destined to be champions.


Claudia and Michael Windy City Wedding Dance Students