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First Quarter 2016 Wedding Trends

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First Quarter 2016 Wedding Trends

2016 wedding trends can be overwhelming while trying to plan the perfect wedding. And with all of the different trends in social media it can be hard having all the details flow together to create a magical experience for the guests and the lucky couple. This year there are some trends that are certainly standing out more than others.

Brides Dress

The brides dress is one of the most difficult things for a bride to pick out with all the different styles and fabrics. The cutout dresses have been trending the past few years and gives a “wow” factor to the bride. The style ranges from elegant lace patterns down the back, see through lace underlays, to waist cutouts. This style has the potential to be beautiful and elegant but the majority of brides are avoiding this trend. There is a fine line between sexy and indecent, so if cutouts are going to be done, they have to be done right.

Hair and Make-up

Once the dress is picked out its time to start thinking about hair and make up. Some other 2016 wedding trends for the majority of brides is have a stylist go right to the location of the event to prepare, this allows the bridal party to stay put and creates a more personalized experience. Although some brides prefer a bundle deal at a solon with breakfast and bubbles while everyone is focusing on the lucky lady. Once a hairstyle has been chosen the make up can be considered. If a detailed braid or an up-do is done, it’s best to go easy on the make-up, use natural colors to complement the complicity of the hair.

Mismatching Bridesmaid’s and Groomsmen

Mismatching bridesmaid’s dresses continues to be a big trend this year. Mismatching the jewelry can also can add extra detail and individuality to the bridal party. 2016 wedding trends for the groom’s men is still wearing traditional matching tuxedos. Although for becoming a more popular opinion, grooms men want to show off some of their personalities as well and having the perks of wearing their getups again, like the bridesmaid’s.

Wedding Locations

The most popular locations to tie the knot this year are glamorous barns and estate grounds. Glam barns give a wedding a rustic romantic feel, while estate grounds are better for big luxurious weddings. Some couples prefer going all out and having a huge wedding because it’s a once in a lifetime event and they want it to be special for everyone. Small wedding give the bride and groom more time to spend with each guest and opens up the budget for other expenses like food and flowers.

Food and beverage

One of the most important parts about planning for a wedding is making sure the guests will be comfortable and have a good time. A very successful way to do this is having a bar. 2016 wedding trends are seeing more and more beautiful long bar with different bottles and glasses perfectly arranged is a great spot for people to gather and mingle over some drinks to warm them up for the dance floor.

Wedding Entertainment

DJ’s are the top entertainment choice in 2016 wedding trends. A DJ brings energy to the dance floor that makes people want to dance all night long. Live musician’s work well for a smaller intimate wedding, because they tend to halt the party. A prop for the guests to dance with has been done in the past, but the trend had dwindled this year. Having props thrown around and left all over makes the wedding feel like prom, but will have fun pictures for Facebook and Instagram. If this is what you are looking for stick with the glow sticks and necklaces, it will leave hands free for drinks on the dance floor.

Wedding Dance

Major 2016 wedding trends for couples is wanting having their guests more involved throughout the wedding. Some of our couples are dancing for approximately 2 minutes. At the end of the 2 minutes our couples are having their DJ or band make an announcement inviting their guests to come dance alongside them. They are looking for a way to get their reception party kicked off in the right direction.

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