Fine Arts Building Open House Wedding Dance Lessons

On 12/13/13 Windy City Wedding Dance will be performing and demonstrating for the Fine Arts Building Open House. Last year the Fine Arts Building had over 1000 people start on the tenth floor and work their way down the stair case to stop and see all the businesses who open their doors to the public. You can catch Windy City Wedding Dance on the 4th Floor in the lobby social dancing and performing as attendees pass by. Windy City Wedding Dance has 3 locations in Chicago and teaches out of the fine arts building 2 times per week. The open house will be starting tomorrow around 6pm and should last for over an hour.

If you know someone who is getting married and they need to know where they can go to get their first dance please recommend that they stop by the Fine Arts Building tomorrow around 6pm to visit staff members Jessica Mays or Alesha Bales at Windy City Wedding Dance  you can visit us at for additional information about Ballroom Dance lessons.

contact us 312-725-4198