DMA 2013

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A good friend of mine invited me to the DMA 2013 Marketing Conference. All the major players and the latest technology companies were on site at McCormick Place waiting for their opportunity to see how they could enhance our current marketing efforts. It was a hot spot for CRM, Campaigns, Mobile Apps, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

I thought it would be a great idea to attend and see if we were on the right track with our marketing efforts for our potential wedding clients. Its time to turn it up the volume. Are we headed in the right direction?

With technology at our fingers tips its imperative to keep up with today’s latest digital marketing trends. The chairman of Travelocity and founder of Kayak spoke yesterday morning. Small business owners have the world at their finger tips today. Getting comfortable will get you passed and eventually lapped. I know many of us say the same thing,”Oh not another social media website, I just finally learned how to use Twitter and Facebook.” My good friend Alesha Bales had it figured out a year ago when she downloaded this program called password manager. It’s obvious we are all going to need this moving forward. Terry Jones of Kayak says that change is inevitable but growth is optional! I keep replaying that in my head over and over. Testing ideals and allowing yourself to fail is the only way to grow and I have personally been in that scary place before. When the economy is in a shaky place and business isn’t going great its hard to be the one to pull the trigger and take a chance. These were just a few points that hit home.

So back to the question. Are we headed in the right direction? The answer is yes. On 10/12/13 we got our first inquiry that was driven through our marketing efforts on our website. It all starts with 1.