Dances From The Heart 2015 Video


One of my favorite times of the year is Valentine’s Day and it’s not because of the Chocolate. Each year we participate in an Annual Valentine’s Theme show called Dances from the Heart. The show features a variety of amazing dance companies. Each dance company is different so the variety of dance styles makes the show unique and entertaining. Our piece is choreographed by World Champion Black Pool Winner Tommye Giacchino. In 2015 she created an entertaining number with beautiful ballroom costumes that sparkle on stage with hundreds of swarovki stones in bright rich colors.

Opening the piece with Rumba and Samba all the performers moved to a romantic song. The lights fade as the music softens and then the New Orleans style music fills the stage and auditorium. Godiva and Jay start to perform this New Orleans Jazzy Quick Step dancing from one corner to the next.

As the music ends then next performers work their way from stage left to the middle of the dance floor. Polina and Konrad dance a sexy romantic Bachata. Polina, stunning in a aqua rhythm costume, soars in the air gracefully throughout the routine. This couple is always great to watch full of energy and pizzaz.

Crossing the finish line with the last number is Jessica and Stephen. By the way I am Jessica. Stephen and I danced to a Michael Buble song called All of Me. Our ballroom dance style, Foxtrot, is one of our favorite dance styles. Its matches our natural personality and doesn’t take much acting on our part. We rehearsed for months preparing our number with Coach Giacchino.

At the end of the final number all performers dance a few measures together for the close and final bow. Here is the video of the ballroom dance performance from Dances From The Heart in 2015. We hope you enjoy the show.

Dances From The Heart 2015 Video



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