Dance Into Shape Chicago

Want to dance into shape Chicago? If you are anything like me, you may despise the gym, treadmills, or circuit training. Committing yourself to painful physical exercise that you don’t enjoy can be such a drag. Lifting weights, sitting on sweaty machines, rowing in front of CNN, or riding that stationary bike that starts to hurt your behind doesn’t get me to the gym any faster. As a matter of fact, I spend most of time in the locker mentally preparing for my 20 minute warmup then I say to myself that’s enough. Unfortunately I never got a runners high.

After reading you would probably think Im not a very active person, but in fact that’s not true. Being a former college athlete made me dread the physical activities that were required of myself and team mates on a daily basis. We were required to meet for practice and play in games 6 out 7 days a week. These practices could last up to 3 hours. Every other day we were required to spend time in the weight room. These were supervised visits to the weight room so there was no weaseling our way out of lifting. It wasn’t until the weather started to change my freshman year of college, that I truly hated lifting weights. We arrived in Charlotte North Carolina in August and by November I put on my first pair of khakis from my closet. Unfortunately I couldn’t get them past my quads. Frustrated and broke I had wait until I could afford another pair of pants in order to wear a pair of my own.

Fast forward 15 years later I exercise daily. It doesn’t feel like work anymore. Ballroom dancing has been one of the best forms of physical activity for my body. The pain and agony I used to experience is no longer an issue. Contouring is just a natural effect of working the muscles we use in ballroom dance. Our core muscle groups in our back, shoulders, abs, and legs get action in every dance style. Ballroom dance includes a variety of dance styles each dance style working different muscle groups. Beyond the physical benefits of ballroom dance, this form of exercise improves posture, confidence, and keeps us mentally sharp. Dance is what I like to refer to as hidden fitness. It hardly feels like work when you’re having the times of your life. In addition to to having a blast, us women get to feel sexy. I never felt sexy when I was playing any other sport.

Dance Into Shape Chicago

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Getting in shape for your wedding? Many of our clients participate in intense programs like cross-fit, crash dieting, and daily sessions to the gym. Even though some of our clients enjoy these activities, many quit as soon as the wedding is over. The truth is they weren’t enjoying the activity enough to stay committed. Dancing, on the other hand, is a skill that you can pick up and use in social settings, gala’s, black tie events, and weddings.

Here are some ways you can get started in ballroom dance and dance into shape Chicago. Take a dance class or sign up for an introductory private dance lesson at Windy City Wedding Dance. How long will it take for you to get in shape? That all depends on the frequency or number of dance lessons per week? Everyone is different. Some of our clients like to take more than one lesson at a time. How long will it take to learn how to dance? They say to become an expert it takes 10,000 hours. Well in order to dance you don’t need to be an expert, but our clients who come weekly see the most benefits.

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