Dance Classes Chicago SummerDance 2014

We had such a great time at Chicago SummerDance 2014 on August 16th for the East Coast Swing Lessons. We taught the dance lesson from 6pm to 7pm in Grant Park across the street from Windy City Wedding Dance at 410 S Michigan Ave. It was our very first trip to Chicago Summer Dance and we were thrilled with the turn out. My assistant Lyle Zerkin and myself prepared for several days and had extra moves in our back pockets in case we needed it.

We want to thank the city for giving us the opportunity to come out and teach for East Coast Swing Session and wanted to share the video of our dance class. We prepared with some beginner level material for all you new dancers, we also included some intermediate level dance moves, and ended with advanced level dancing. It was so rewarding to see the video and pictures from the dance class. My favorite part was watching Chicago attendees try their new dance class moves taught during the Windy City Wedding Dance swing lesson. Swing is such a great dance we can use a black tie events, parties, and weddings.

We arrived around 5:30pm to check in with the amazing sound crew and of course the main guy in charge Carlos. We are looking forward to launching our group class program at the beginning of October and we have already had some folks call to ask about classes. We want to grow the largest group dance class program in Chicago. We love teaching singles, couples, and ballroom dance.

Check out the video Dance Classes Chicago SummerDance 2014



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