Windy City Wedding Dance scoped out the Celebrity Chef Ball this evening. I personally have not had the opportunity to try any celebrity chef events, but I hear my friends also talking about the infamous “Next.” I have always wanted to try something like this.

We started the night at The Wit Hotel and took a shuttle over to the event. Tonight’s event was hosted at Zhou Gallery. As we waited in line we could see an additional tent that had been added to the back of the gallery to accommodate additional chefs. Once they opened the doors it was like the great race. Do we get a drink or do we head straight to the food? We dropped our things at the coat check and the first display was coffee and chocolate. Good move on their part. My bed time is about 8pm. Throughout the night we sampled  amazing varieties from seafood, sushi, duck confit, chicken, soup, pate, prosciutto, steak pasta, cupcakes, scones and even Elk. I knew more about some of these restaurants than I had expected. The Gage, Glazed and Confused, Rockit Bar, and Bread & Wine are some of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.

So what was our favorite? Tesori stole the show with an amazing duck confit ravioli. Way to go chef, Andrew Deuel, from Tesori. Tesori just happens to be right down the street from me at 65 E Adams. Tesori was my second sampled dish and I kept thinking about that ravioli the entire time.  Go to

I recommend highly recommend engaged couples to plan a date night and attend Celebrity Chef Ball. I have to say a special thank you to my dear friend Altaira from Comed. Thanks to her we were able to experience this amazing presentation.