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Ballroom Dance & United Airlines

Preparation for the Event

So what goes into to preparing for an event? Well the performance its self requires practice and dedication of course, but there is much more. We have an opportunity to promote our brand to our United audience. I am writing blog updates, posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.  Here is what we are doing for United. We will be offering all United employees a free dance class and wedding dance consultation. They will be able to drop their information on site in the wedding gift bag or they are welcome to visit our customized link and register online.  We will have a small wedding zone displaying brochures, business cards, and general information about Windy City Wedding Dance, ballroom dance, salsa dance, and more.

The Performance

After hours of practicing our Salsa routine we are ready to perform. I am so proud of my fiance and the hard work he put in this weekend. We have spins, tricks, and flips in store.

The Event

At 10am we will be hopping on the Blue Line and heading to the airport. Celebrating Diversity Awareness Month with United employees is always exciting. Our good friend Nathalie, at United,  always puts a great event together with amazing food and great displays. Nathalie has a back ground and passion for dance and a great appreciate for ballroom  and Latin dancing. She has been working her way through the office telling everyone about the performers for today’s event. I hope we  are able to live up to her expectations.

Wish us luck!


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